World of Warcraft Sneak Peek: Faction Packs

Yes, you heard right — no April Fool’s joke! Over the weekend Blizzard posted a bunch of of images of packaging for the upcoming Mega Bloks® World of Warcraft™ collection, which you can also see on our Flickr.

To follow up on that we have some pretty special stuff to share: prototype photos of the sets themselves! For today we’ll be sharing the Faction Packs – individual figure packs that come with weapons and accessories.

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Alliance Faction Pack — Colton


SKU: 91001U / 28 Pieces

Alliance Faction Pack — Ironoak

SKU: 91002U / 19 Pieces

Horde Faction Pack — Ragerock

SKU: 91003U / 29 Pieces

Horde Faction Pack — Valoren

SKU: 91004U / 29 Pieces

21 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Sneak Peek: Faction Packs

  1. euthanistic

    Is the armor interchangeable from fig to fig? LOOOOVE the bike and copter but not the good for nothing worthless ally gnome. Make the gnome the warrior and the gobby the rogue!!!

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  3. Jeff

    Super excited for this line. However, I noticed a marked difference in detail between the Orc prototype and the packaging mock up. Especially in the face. Other than that, fantastic!

  4. Nic

    I admit, I was pretty excited when I saw these…until I noticed the distinct lack of females. I mean, a male blood elf could probably pass as an acceptable female, but it’s just not the same. ;)

    Please tell me this is an accidental omission, or that sets with females will be unveiled soon?

    1. Brad @ Mega Bloks Post author

      Hey Nic — thanks a lot for your feedback! We agree that there are a lot of males in the line-up shown as is. Rest assured that we’ve heard you (and others) loud and clear, and there will be more females in the line-up in the future.

  5. b00sted

    can you explain the “SECRET LOOT” a bit better?
    “Be on the lookout for this icon on select World of Warcraft boxes. Inside, you’ll discover additional, randomly assigned weapons, gear, or artifacts, some more rare than others!”

    I have no clue what that means.. are the sets we buy going to have extra things in it if it has the logo? or are these just blind bags we can buy?

    1. Brad @ Mega Bloks Post author

      Hey b00sted,

      Sets with this icon come with an extra piece of loot. The loot is random and could be used to, say, complete a tier set of armor. You will have to trade with your friends to complete your sets!

      1. b00sted

        Brad, is there going to be some sort of list of all the available “loot” items? As I for one am the I need to collect it all types and that would be super helpful instead of stalking ebay LOL

          1. b00sted

            Consider me one of the people that hope you do so I got something to work off of from the git go! Also any word on ETA of these as I pre ordered from a site and some say July and some say Aug. (sorry for the million questions lol)

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