World of Warcraft Sneak Peek: Demolisher Attack

It’s time for another Mega Bloks® World of Warcraft™ sneak peek! This week we’re looking at one of the larger and more interactive sets, the Demolisher Attack. The Demolisher has a long history in the Warcraft franchise, but did not appear in WoW until Wratch of the Lich King – regardless of that, it’s one of the Horde’s most important siege weapons.

SKU: 91026 / 299 pieces

The Demolisher in this set is manned by a Blood Elf Warrior and includes a working catapult. He’s facing off against a Human Warlock and his Voidwalker who have taken up defense in an Alliance tower and are firing back with their own catapult! Check out the prototype shots below.

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4 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Sneak Peek: Demolisher Attack

  1. flappjackz

    are u guys going to do more then just the voidwalker for the warlock minions it would be cool if u guys could do the imp,felguard,felhunter,succumbus o and u guys can also make a infernal and a doomguard

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