World of Warcraft Sneak Peek: Barrens Chase

It’s time for another World of Warcraft prototype sneak peek — this week, it’s Barrens Chase! I had a few things to say about it, but in the end I couldn’t think of anything better than what WoW Insider already said about it:

However, my favorite set of them all (and proof that the folks over at Mega Bloks play World of Warcraft, are Warcraft fans, and understand the nature and feel of this game) is The Barrens Chase Set. The Barrens Chase set is the quintessential WoW setup — dorky night elf riding his cat in hot pursuit across The Barrens, chasing the most awesome orc on the planet, riding a rocket. This is World of Warcraft at its best.

At its best, indeed. Check it out!

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Barrens Chase

SKU: 91025 / 25 pieces

This is a buildable “two-fer” mount set featuring the exclusive X-53 touring rocket and Darnassian Nightsaber. Includes flags and faction figures to build and customize.

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