World Builders: your favorite builds, now all under one name!

Now you can build the brands that built America! We’re thrilled to announce that three of your favorite American brands have proudly joined forces to make one great new line of Mega Bloks construction toys!


Americans embraced the super-authentic micro-sized Mega Bloks Cat and Mega Bloks John Deere lines last year. Six cool sets featuring road-building and field-tending vehicles and strong American workers were a big hit across the country in 2013.


Building on the success of those two hit lines, Mega Bloks is adding three all-new Jeep sets to the team and launching World Builders in the Spring of 2014!


In the Mega Bloks Jeep Forest Expedition set, three micro action figures pilot a Jeep with folding windshield and sunroof through the backwoods to a campsite where they can race along the rough roads on an All-Terrain Explorer.


If your little builder is as Jeep-obsessed as I was as a child, they will love the authentic Mega Bloks Jeep Wrangler – featuring a bright red, open-top vehicle on real rubber tires.


It doesn’t get much more epic than the all-new Mega Bloks Jeep Off-Road Adventure set. Four micro action figures put the monster off-road Jeep to the test over huge obstacles. This beast will chew up the road and conquer the roughest terrains. Awesome!


Keep a close eye on the shelves of your local retailer this Spring. If you love building as much as I do, you’ll love the detail included in all nine of these sets. The all-new World Builders line lets you and your little one build the brands that built America. Which would YOU choose? Let us know your faves in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “World Builders: your favorite builds, now all under one name!

  1. andy35

    buenos dias tengo la sembradora de megablok y a una fugurita le falta un zapato o pie el problema a la hora de solicitarlarla es que me pide un codigo que viene en la caja pero no tengo la caja ya que fuen un regalo traido de estados unidos de un tio de mi esposa y yo toy en peru como puedo hacer para solicitar esa pieza
    mi correo es
    gracias por su atencion

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  4. LegendaryBoat

    I can’t wait to get those CAT sets, hopefully my Walmart will hurry up and stock them. I already got all of the John Deere sets and they’re pretty amazing!

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