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One of the most anticipated upcoming releases from Mega Bloks is our World of Warcraft line-up, which will be hitting store shelves next summer. However, attendees of Blizzcon got to have an up-close and personal look at the soon to be released sets, and every attendee received this exclusive Thrall fig. (You can learn more about Thrall’s character on WoWWiki!)

Now, I wouldn’t normally review packaging … but this packaging is quite special and very cool. The main box actually comes encased in a Blizzcon and World of Warcraft branded slip cover. Slide the box out and you’re greeted with some sick Thrall artwork and an assurance that this figure is very exclusive. It folds open to reveal some more sick Thrall artwork … and of course, the Thrall fig itself (and a handy sheet showing how it comes apart).

And here he is, in all his 2.3 inch glory. Closer to 2.8″ if you include the pedestal! For a comparison our Halo figs are about 2 inches.

I feel that I can confidently say that Thrall is the most detailed figure we have ever produced, period. Every detail has been reproduced in incredibly precise detailing, from the golden chains, feathers, beading and leatherwork. The Doomhammer looks like a shrunken version of the in-game model. It’s incredible, and I’m happy to say that this level of detail will carry over to the rest of the line come Summer 2012.

One of the best aspects of World of Warcraft is the level of control you have over your character. And while you can’t play as Thrall, we definitely want to bring that level of customization to all of our World of Warcraft figures. All of the equipment comes off and is interchangeable with other pieces, so look forward to Summer 2012 when you will be able to customize your Thrall with new pieces!

Unfortunately, since Thrall was a limited edition of 30,000 units at Blizzcon, it is a bit tough to get a hold of now. If you can get it though, Thrall is a great fig on his own and a preview of all the awesome things to come.

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  2. Sal

    This is by far the best minifigure done by Mega Bloks. That’s saying something, considering the excellent sculpts of the Halo minifigs. The detail here is impressive. Articulation is great as always. The packaging is over the top for a minifig. For those who were able to get one (myself included), cherish it as a special piece within your collection.

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