Series 7: Mega Bloks Halo Micro Action Figures

We excited a lot of people when we first announced Series 7 of our Halo Micro Action Figures, which are hitting shelves this fall.


At 16 figures, Series 7 has doubled the size of every other season’s release of blind bags.


Series 7 includes an impressive array of different factions, which are all represented – for both UNSC and Covenant and even Flood forms, we’ve got you covered.


Each figure comes with a weapon and a block that allows for creative posing. All the figures are broken out into Common, Rare and Ultra-Rare.


Common UNSC figures include 2 Marines, an ODST and a Mark VI. The rare figures are a CQB, a Scout, a Mark V and an EOD. The Ultra Rare figure in this series is a Mauler-wielding Security Spartan – a must-have for serious collectors.


The Covenant are plentiful in Series 7 – common figures include 3 grunts, an Elite Zealot and an Elite Commando. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find one of the rare Jump Pack Brutes. Joining the attack against the UNSC is a Flood Combat Form.


Series 7 blind bags are available now. There are 16 to collect, and with luck you’ll find them all over time. Check them all out and let us know which is you think is a must-have!


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12 thoughts on “Series 7: Mega Bloks Halo Micro Action Figures

  1. reillyhalo

    I have gotten the Purple Elite Zealot, the UNSC Flood Combat Form, the Purple Assault Elite(it’s not a Commando Elite), and a Dessert Camo ODST(came with no right arm or Assault Rifle). Already have 1/4 of the figures.

  2. HaloFollower67854023

    I personally think the flood is very important when it comes to blind packs, building kits and such. I mean, what would an epic battle be if the flood didn’t just burst in at random?!

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