RTX: 2014’s first fan event goes flawlessly!

Wow, we had a lot of fun at RTX this year. It’s our first year heading down to Austin to support the guys from Rooster Teeth and their massive video game expo. I’m pretty sure it won’t be our last, because it was such an awesomely perfect weekend!


We head to fan events to get our toys into people’s hands. Get ‘em building, get ‘em playing and get ‘em home with a whole lot of freebies in their pockets! We gave out almost 5,000 exclusive Cyan Mark VI micro action figures.  For most people at the event this was the very first time they ever handled the all-new Halo figure with enhanced articulation and interchangeable armor.


Having a massive 210,536-piece, seven-foot-tall Mantis standing in our booth sure helped us meet people as we stopped them to say hi. Regular shouts of ‘Freckles’ echoed through the hall as RvB fans neared booth 719.


A fan named Michael blew away the competition by landing a guess just 397 pieces away from the official piece count of the big Mantis build, winning himself $500 worth of the Mega Bloks Halo sets we had on display, including the Broadsword, the Elephant, the Flood Invasion and more!


We also spent the weekend teasing our poor Facebook fans with Toys R Us-exclusive set reveals. Our friends at 343 Industries helped us display the first look at the epic 10-figure Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy (above), featuring an official Sgt. Johnson, a new Arbiter and the Prophet of Truth.


But as usual, on location it was the fans themselves that stole the thunder away from us, and deservedly so. Fans dug into our building tables to put together castles, weapons, spaceships, glasses, entire cameras and so much more. Anyone willing to spend that much time with us is truly appreciated.


So thank you, fans! Thank you all for visiting us in the surprisingly awesome city of Austin this past weekend. For those who couldn’t make it, maybe we’ll see you in San Diego in two weeks when we do it all over again. But we’ll double the size, of course! ;)


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17 thoughts on “RTX: 2014’s first fan event goes flawlessly!

  1. Jon70888

    I just wanna know when the flood invasion, hierarchs shadow, and Emile mongoose will be available 4 purchase cause I’ve been saving up 4 those sets and can’t wait till they come out!

  2. andy35

    hola soy chico español de 35 años y ademas padre desde hace mucho soy fans de juegos construcion megabloks
    ademas de otras marcas conocidas con son lego y kreo las series que colecione de megabloks son halo y power ranger y otras que no tengo completas ya que ahora me encuentro en peru y ademas de que aqui no las encuentro por ningun lado hay series que yan an sido retiradas y otras nuevas veo que estan saliendo a la venta
    ahora tengo mi hijo que aunque es aun un bb me gustaria iniciarlo en los juegos de construccion pero aqui en peru no se cormecializa o son muy dificiles de encontrar por eso me gustaria saber si alguien sabe aqui en peru
    donde podria comprar productos megabloks o si no es asi saber si se puede comprar via internet desde la pagiana gracias por su atencion

  3. briackboy13

    I Love Halo Megabloks!! you guys do such a great job at making your fans happy, and excited for your new releases. My favorite set to come out this year would have to be the FlamingWorthog, that set was the best. Also I love your new Figure design that is just amazing!!. Also I think you guys should really come out with a new Scorpion tank set. You haven’t had one of those for ever!!

  4. Octain

    Yay rtx as a big fan of rooster teeth I wold love red vs blue sets or a comical lets play recreation set with a Geoff Gavin Ray Ryan and burny figures in the achievement hunter offace with a launch figure of Gus and joe the cat

  5. G14_HELMET

    Might be a little off topic but does anyone have the micro fleet warthog that come with master chief’s new super articulate body really want the set (but cant seem to find it in the sore websites) for only that reason but please help and thanks in advance :b

  6. Bobska2

    that set with johnson and the arbiter look awsome shame tis a toys are us eclsive but good work mega bloks could u mack a nother set with johnson becaues he i the reason i like halo

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