Review: UNSC Spade Vs. Skirmisher

When we asked you guys last month what your favourite new releases were, the clear favourites were the UNSC Spade Vs. Skirmisher and the Covenant Revenant Attack. Today, we’re going to check out the Spade set and why it is awesome.

UNSC Spade

I hope you like gifs, because I have one!

The Spade is a pretty straightforward build that most builders should be able to finish in under an hour. That said, it’s particularly noteworthy because this is the one of two civilian vehicles that we’ve produced. Although, in this case, it’s more of an impromptu military vehicle/getaway car.

As always, the tires are real rubber. We’ve also worked the headlights into the design of the structure rather than using stickers. The final result is much sleeker looking. Also notice the dedicated mirror pieces!

The back of the Spade carries a container which you can put pretty much whatever you want in.


The basic Marine is back, this time in an exclusive seafoam green color! He comes equipped with an Assault Rifle.

The Skirmisher is a new addition to the Mega Bloks Halo world! Along with the Jackal, the Skirmishers are from the Kig-yar species. This one comes in an incredible silver and black paint. The feathers on the head are insanely cool looking.

He comes equipped with the new Needle Rifle!

While the Skirmisher‘s name is in the name of the set, I don’t think there can be any argument that the real star of the set is the magnificent Grenadier Spartan. This is probably our most impressive paint-job to date, with the incredible metallic olive armor setting off the details beautifully. This fig has conquered the Black Recon Spartan and Air Assault Spartan to become my favourite fig in the line-up.

He also comes with a brand new weapon, the Heavy Machine Gun. The large and bulky weapon is appropriate for the Grenadier armor!

As part of our Armory program, the Grenadier also includes an alternate MJOLNIR Mark IV Grenadier Helmet and Mark V armor and torso! Create the Grenadier Spartan that you want!

My attempt at recreating the box art … I’m not sure I did such a great job, this time :(

That’s it for this review! The Spade is a great vehicle for improving your battle displays, and the Grenadier and Skirmisher are two of the best looking figs we’ve ever produced. Don’t miss out!




493 thoughts on “Review: UNSC Spade Vs. Skirmisher

  1. Eclipse107

    Am I the only one who’d like to see more non-military Human vehicles? The Fork Lift for example? It could include two Silver Marines (without the mask) armed with MA5B’s and four Frag Grenades, a couple of crates a normal orange/yellow Grunt and an Elite Minor (blue Combat Elite) armed with an Energy Sword and a Plasma Pistol. Why not throw in a Hunter too? So that we could say Covenant found a UNSC Supply Depot and the guarding Marines must use the Fork Lift to ram the Hunter, giving them a change to deal with the Grunt and Elite?

  2. megafan01

    over all its really cool they did very well on the greinader spartan it holds together very well and the gun for george is amazing i see no problems in this set

  3. Mattythegrunt

    I bought this set yesterday its very good quality it doesn’t take long to build and its really sturdy my only problem with it is the skirmisher being a bit over sized.

  4. elitepanda

    i got it yesterday but it only had 2 wheels we went back and got a new set and got to keep the other one. This is of halo reach in the first part of the game mega bloke is the best thank you mega bloks!!!!!

  5. jazzymarioman642

    Nice review Brad!
    Tha realy doe’s look like the Spade cavilian cart from halo reach, Probaly the best desighned and gamelistic set ever!
    That grenalder spartan looks like George from the noble team ( I cant remember wich noble though :|) ! And nice front cover art aswell.
    Yourse truely,
    Joshua (Marioman642)

    1. marioman642

      To Jlag.
      The other cavilian veachle is the one in Flood gate.
      I think you should by the flood gate if you are looking for more maries or a spartan 2 with flame thrower.
      It also comes with the gate it’s self.
      ( Brad, You are awsome :-) )

  6. Eclipse107

    I remember a while ago somebody posting a picture of a Jorge figure they’d made themself using modeling plastic and paints as such. Mega Bloks said that they probably wouldn’t do characters vital to the Halo plot-line (e.g: Captain Keyes, Sgt Forge, ect). I can safely say however I’m enthralled that they decided to go ahead with the idea. I believe Kat comes with the Falcon, but given both of the arms are the same on the figure it probably isn’t. I didn’t really like the Marine that came with this set though… Its colour scheme just doesn’t seem right.

  7. railgun345

    My little brother got this set today and he went to build it and there was NO FIGURES!!!!!!!!! He was so upset and i want to know what I can do.

  8. whito

    it would also be so cool to make a little set of just noble team together[ just to let you know megabloks that will be a seller and ya’ll will get tons a load of cash.

  9. whito

    dear halo megabloks this is whito here i would love it so much that you would make the whole noble team [ including noble 6] and with two warthogs at the same time one a gunner the other to hold noble team or other men and supplies with a ghost and two hunters. if you make that, that would be sooo awesome.

  10. hobbyhorse335

    I own this set and idk if its just an error in how i built it but the marine can not reach the steering wheel if he is pegged into the driver seat. other than that i absolutly love this set and the grenader spartan is amazing

  11. sean042001

    also i have the shade turet, banchee, battle scape 1, revanent attack, and series 4 mistery figurre pack but i still have to wait till aprill 20


  12. SpartanFromCanada

    Hey mega bloks if you see this comment I want to say that me and my friends were wondering if you guys are gonna make a set of the covenant scarab.

    1. Macieju01

      You do realise that the MAC cannon would be quit expensive and also they couldn’t make a NOBLE 6 since he can look like anything but except from that it would be an AWESOME set.

  13. mayonaise

    that’s awesome, mega bloks make Emile, Carter and Jun pleeez! ALSO!!! a space banshee with a sabre, and hopefully a rogue spartan from halo 3!! hope u do for everybody. thnx!!! mayo out XD

  14. Nate286

    Hey, I think the Halo Megabloks department should focus more on the covennant (don’t hate, I don’t know how to spell it). I say this becuse I litterally have ten green mark II spartans and four elites. Also, how about a covi base? That would be cool.

  15. Nate286

    I am dissapointed to see no new custom Georges (plural) from you guys… I mean come on! All you have to do is paint his torso yellow and visor red!

  16. WhiteWolf

    Managed to get this set ahead of time during christmas (I forgot to say this earlier!) and it is just spectacular!! Loving the generic grenadier spartan. Just wait until 2013 and we’ll have a reach scout, commando, and eva!!

  17. grunt55

    Hey guys did you know they are going to make a new elite general and the one covenant dropship NOT THE PHANTOM but the one thats in the corvett on firefight mode. They already made the prototypes for them. I can’t wait! :D

  18. inasneppl33

    idea to the makers of all the halo mega bloks, because you’ve already made sets with some noble team characters, for emile/carter you should make a set with a few elite zealots and some scenery

  19. HazopDude123

    im going for all the armory sets i have revenant attack awesome set! i have not seen this in stores so im going for the shade turrent this looks really cool and i cant wait to open it myself!

  20. grunt55

    Now heres some ideas I think mega bloks should do, 1. Flood carrier form that actually carries flood infection forms, 2. A covenant enjineer, 3. A set based on firefight mode, 4. A buildable flood gravemind form from Halo 2 and 3, and 5. An elite spec. ops from reach and anniversarry. Anyone agree?

  21. spartan xpp

    hi what if you take the number 5 with the spartan you use in Halo 3 in green and black and the inquisitor and flood an active camo Spartan hayabusa and a scout and finally a prophet coverant

  22. grunt55

    Finally a skirmisher, needle rifle, and a mini-gun/turret-gun! Plus it comes with extra pieces to customize your spartan :D I can’t wait to get this set but I forget how much it costs BUT I have lots of x-mas money left so I am probably gonna get this set and the new red armory/battle-unit (covenant)! Now my phantom is really gonna be packed! :)

  23. UB3RPWN3R

    cater and a noble team pelican would be a great set because it should come with armor like grenadier or cqc or something.
    noble 6 with scorpian tank with odsts like at the beginning of the package.
    emile with a maccannon and an elite to kill him but you could switch emiles armor to give him the chance to survive.
    and jun with a marine and a couple snipers with active camo elites

  24. legonut101

    hay guys this stuff is so cool and ive loved halo since 2008. im a big fan of halo 3, reach, and combat evolved anniversary, im a nice guy on Xbox live so if anyone wants to play sumthing my tag is: ClichedKitten20

  25. halojorge1234

    This is the best I am getting it with my Christmas money yeah I still have £60 left out of £120 i’m getting more to the banshee the wraith the falcon the elephant the sordword and the warthog if I have enough :)

  26. Ranger217

    Hi guys at mega bloks just suggesting that, seeing the release of ‘Jorge’ in this set, or a generic grenadier like him, you would be able to bring out a few of the other NOBLE team characters. I know noble six will be hard but maybe cat, Jun and Carter could be included in some lower budget sets such as this Spade. I love this set and hoping to get it soon but I am waiting to hear of other NOBLE team figure releases

  27. Aaron_13_Luke

    Oh Tman, I’m higher than a general dude. U can even Send a friend request and I’ll prove it. It’s the exact same gamer tag as you see above except the underscores. That goes for anyone else who wants me to add u as a friend. Just sayin. See what I did there? :P

  28. Aaron_13_Luke

    Jeaz u know what Sukz? Going to the store and finding that thing and not having the money so u have to go back to grab some. And then coming back and finding its gone! That is rough. Oh and I’m 14 just sayin.

  29. luke3

    I would fight an elite supreme commander and elite councillor guarding thel ‘vadammee with my bare hands for all of the 2012 sets. Ya know the saying ” It’s so crazy it just might work”?

  30. battlebuilder

    pss: It would be awesome if you made the little blue shields that attach to the arms. Other than that. This set is amazing! Keep progressing but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT JUMP THE SHARK!!! Thats how things get ruined

  31. battlebuilder

    Ohh and a little helpful hint for all of you halo reach players out there, the needle rifle is fully automatic! It is just a bigger and more precise version of the needler. Also, I love swat so I am making a game type. Elite swat. It will be swat except with the needle rifle and aliens

  32. battlebuilder

    The skirmisher is awesome! It is one of my favorite covenant aliens and it comes equiped with my favorite covenant gun, the needle rifle. And is it just me or does that spartan in that spade look familiar? Haha Its exactly like the second part of winter contingency!

  33. legoboy9

    When will you make Emile A.K.A. Noble 4 because you’ve made Carter A.K.A. Noble 1.He’s the Blue Hazop Spartan in the Covenant Revenant Attack set and you’ve made Jorge A.K.A. Noble 5.He’s in the Spade vs. Skirmisher set and you’ve made Jun A.K.A. Noble 3.He’s in the same set as Jorge and you’ve made Kat A.K.A. Noble 2.She’s in the UNSC Falcon set.Noble 6 is immposibleto make because you get to customise Noble 6 but you’ve notmade Emile so please ma

  34. TIGGYD21

    HGood morning Cari! How are you today? Hopefully good,but I think this weather is enough to make me want to just stay in bed and just sleep or watch movies all day.Sorry to hear about Eric and you guys have been through so much.My moms in the hospital right now and just found out they think she has bone cancer.Whats the odds of that,my dad had the same type,and its a whopper and awful. Hopefully we will get better news this week.The worst part is shes up north with out any of us kids,so we dont know what the heck is going on.Then Tracys in jail,at least hes out in a month or so.You know how it is,when it rains it pours.It is so true,it sucks!! I don’t think we even realize how good it feels to be with family and friends when this happens,until it does happen.Then it sure makes so much to have the people there that love you,no matter if youve talked in years,or your life has changed.You always know the ones that truly care. Anyways just wanted you to know I am truly here,just a few minutes away if you or the kids need anything.Love you and talk to you later:))I

  35. masterchief819

    i want this set so bad the spade and skirmisher is awesome but i also like how they copied jorges armor and it would be cool to if they made master chief too

  36. magic

    I think all the sets from mega bloks are cool I have almost ALL of the HALO REACH sets and the custom painting idea is GOLD I hope you make more sets love , Ethan

  37. thecanadiangrunt

    guys i know some of the summer 2012 sets like a new grunt model a seraph a space banshee with a turret two new drops and more weapons packs and finally from what i can remember there was a grizzly hope you find this useful and we all know mega bloks to make good recreations so wait until the summer and stay on the blog for info leaks

  38. thespook

    dear, halo mega blocks can you make a noble team set with Carter, Kat, Jun, Emile, George, Six ? if you can that would be great, sincerly- thespook. Oh by the way this set is by far the best one i have ever had and its the best set in the world. (thats my opinion though) :j

  39. vinswiz

    Looks so fun. Have the covenant shade turret the changing the head to make him soo much cooler is great can’t wait till they make more reach charicters

  40. Levi Hudson

    Nice set. I can see why you guys just came out with the skirmisher figure, since the skirmishers have only been in reach (as far as I know. I own and finished all the Halos so I should know). And I think to anyone who’s played reach (or at least seen the front cover of the case) knows that the grenadier spartan, without the armory stuff, looks like Jorge. All the armor matches. Even the backpack, that’s something you can’t equip yourself with in the game. I give it 10/10 :)

  41. jaydehannel

    Dear Halo Mega Bloks, I have enjoyed all your sets. I,m 15 and my parents always criticize me. IF you have any idea on how to convince them, please help. SINCERELY, jaydehannel

  42. Ginganinja3013

    i notice you said that the spade is the first civvy vehicle to be produced, but what about the floodgate transport vehicle? not trying to be critical, just pointing it out, dont want any of my other supergeek buddies to swarm you with annoying emails

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