Review: Power Rangers Samurai Pocket Racers

One of the cool parts of doing Mega Bloks® Power Rangers®  is that we’re able to inject our own creativity into the Power Rangers universe. One of the ways we’ve done that is with our Online Rebuilds — another is with the Pocket Racers series, where the Rangers (and villians) take the battle to the streets!

Each Pocket Racers build is quick and easy to do to let you get into the race quickly.

The completed Red Ranger Pocket Racer! What’s especially cool about these is that since they’re just made of bloks, you can add and remove parts as you like and create your own custom Racer!

Each Pocket Racer includes a Launcher Key. Simply insert the key into the back of the Racer and press down on the button to launch your Racer at an incredible speed!



The Blue Ranger and Deker are also available. Mix-and-match parts to create the ultimate Racer!

The Pocket Racers are an awesome new way to play with Power Rangers. I’m sure we’ll be doing our own Pocket Races here at Mega Bloks HQ — I hope you guys will try it out as well! If you build a custom Racer, please post a photo on our Flickr group. I’m going to get to work on mine right now!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Power Rangers Samurai Pocket Racers

  1. Steven A. Dolce

    They remind me of those Mega Bloks Need for Speed Build & Race sets. P.S. Will you please make Power Rangers Samurai Transforming Blok Bots?

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