Power Rangers Samurai New Releases — January 2012

More new releases, this time for Power Rangers Samurai! Important to keep in mind that these are in addition to the already existing sets that were launched in North America — the Megazord, Folding Zords, and Red Ranger Showdown. These previously released items along with the new ones listed below will be showing up worldwide over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Red Ranger Hero Pack (Mega Mode) (Item # 5741)

Gold Ranger Hero Pack (Mega Mode) (Item # 5742)

Green Ranger Hero Pack (Mega Mode) (Item # 5743)

Blue Ranger Pocket Racer (Item # 5764)

Deker Pocket Racer (Item # 5765)

Red Ranger Pocket Racer (Item # 5766)

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