140 thoughts on “Pelican Mounting

  1. megaboy104

    hey angel, I’m a huge mega bloks halo fan, and theres actually a kid named Angel who is also a bit of a fan, so judging by the fact that the tiny little sliver of flannel jacket, I’d say you are him!

  2. Halo217J

    i already figured that out the first day i bought the battlescape but awesome job. its actually pretty easy as long as u find the right balence points. :D

  3. odstelite

    That is really cool! Do more things like this, Angel! Especially when the Phantom comes out with The Arbiter Ripa ‘Moremee or the Falcon.


  4. odst194

    ive ordered the battlescape yaay :)
    im puttin my wraith ,odst sniper ,gauss turret, flame marine ,covenant turret, steel mongoose, cqb orange, hayabusa orange and green spartan on the ground my hawk and banshee r goin in the sky it will be epic. :D

  5. thek1llaelite

    try the shortsword that would be awesome and i hear they were going to make the phantom with a silver grunt silver elite pilot and the arbiter :)

  6. charlie2000

    it would be better to get a deal on here for 2 of them then just one.i got to grab me one of these things next time i see it.are they sold out now if they are then must not be a lot of meag bloks fans in KAnsas city.i might not be alone here.if there sold out were you guys live my target as them right so ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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