Micro Fleet: Layered baseplates for complex battlescapes

There’s already some great buzz online for this season’s three new micro-fleet sets. A mini Spartan helmet and an armed Spartan micro action figure accompany a micro-scale version of one of our bigger builds. But is the coolest accessory in these sets hidden around back? It will be for some collectors!


Along with the actual micro-fleet UNSC vehicles, getting your hands on the three sets will get you three awesome shelf accessories. Gold-visored helmets that make for an eye-catching trifecta of awesome on any collector’s shelf.


Three killer Mark VI Spartan figures, each in a different colour and armed with a different weapon, including an official Master Chief figure and the killer Incineration Cannon in one of its first appearances in Mega Bloks form.


But the overlooked hero of these sets? The baseplates! These five-layer plates affix to the back of the helmets, but are better used as ground work for complex, multi-leveled battlescapes. Fully compatible with baseplates in other sets you can make some pretty sweet set-ups, as put together below by my much more patient co-worker, Justin. Pretty slick!


All three micro-fleet sets are in stores now – blogpost and more coming soon! A fourth hits shelves this fall along with tons of other cool stuff – keep an eye on the Mega Bloks Collectors Facebook page for all New York Toy Fair sneak peeks and announcements.

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51 thoughts on “Micro Fleet: Layered baseplates for complex battlescapes

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  2. haloreach2323

    Well, now that all of Noble team has been made or is currently in production I think it is only right that you guys at MB make a Noble fire team. Kind of like you are going to make Venom and Crimson. I know the idea is to get people t buy larger sets to get awesome figures like Jun and Carter but I think it would still be cool if you guys could make a fire team for collectors who can not afford these larger sets or just do not want them. I will most likely buy the Elephant anyways but I am just keeping in mind others who may not be able to obtain these figures by spending money on big sets. :) I hope you take this idea into mind and I love the new line this year! Good luck and Thank you!!!

    1. SpartanEcho

      In my opinion they should have included Emile ( don’t know how to spell his name ) and the Mongose with the elaphant , because people like making an army of mongooses and having Emile be included with a separate Mongose set would mean that people would have an army of Emiles and a lot of people don’t want that but anyway it’s nice to see the noble team finally being made now the only thing missing is Kat, George , and noble six I wonder what set they are going to be in

        1. SpartanEcho

          I still wish that Emile would come with the elephant cuase like I said having an army of Emiles would be awesome but It kinda makes him lose his value but this is my opinion

        1. SpartanEcho

          there hasn’t been an official kat, George, six yet , for example the warthog resistance comes with Spartans wearing master chief’s armor but that doesn’t mean they are master chief so again megablocks hasn’t made an official kat, George , and six

      1. somerton

        kat and Jorge have already been included in sets SpartanEcho.
        Kat was included inn the original falcon set in 2011 and Jorge was included in the original spade set in 2012.

        looks likeyou missed two years of mega bloks sets there.

  3. SpartanEcho

    I’m curious how megabloks is ganna top their signature set for 2014 next year in 2015 … I know, make a Bloodgulch signature set for 2015 and have the Spartans have the mark 5 armor from halo 4, this will make classic fans remember the good old days and new fans can know about one of the best maps in halo. I know the terrain would be huge !!!, if the map was made to scale but I know you guys can do it .. Pretty please with a grunt birthday party on top :)

  4. SpartanEcho

    Guys calm down megabloks is making a scarab as the signature set for 2014 and yes It comes with a jackel (sniper), Master chief , two brand new brute honor guards (finally!!!) and the prophet of truth (finally !!!) and it comes out this fall but the only question is …. How much is it? …… The only thing that could make this set better is if they add the arbiter

  5. SpartanEcho

    I’m ganna have to have them all !!!!!!!!!! mainly the silver one because it comes with the incineration cannon and the color reminders me of the anniversary spartan that was all chrome

          1. reillyhalo

            I saw the video. It looks pretty cool. I like the new civilian police sets that they are coming out with.

  6. hockeydog134

    Just think of how halo has evolved over the past years,there for just let it keep evolving because we don’t need Spartans with see through visors,the visor is meant not to be see through

  7. reillyhalo

    Wow. I never really though of how cool the base plates would be for a good battlescape. I really like the helmets though. They are definitely a selling point for most collectors.

  8. adam6974

    The new base plate is awesome for adding more contoured terrain, but they also make excellent stands for the helmets if you want to use it as a shelf piece like I did.

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