Mega Bloks® Skylanders Giants™ Ultimate Battle Arcade

For our Mega Bloks® Skylanders Giants™ collection, we designed a new type of play – Battle Play! Battle Play puts you in control of your favourite Skylanders Giants™ characters as you fight for glory with your Battle Portals.


Now you have the perfect setting to put your skills to the test with the Ultimate Battle Arcade! What is really awesome about the Ultimate Battle Arcade is that you can build it into any one of five Battle Portal games. It is the official battle playground for your Battle Portals!


The set includes two Skylanders Giants™ characters that you can battle with. Jet-Vac comes equipped with his Vac-Blaster and Shroomboom with his Slingshot. They each have their own Battle Portal that lights up on impact!


Each Battle Portal has slots on the sides that allow you attach loot and elemental emblems. You can fight your friends for loot and then attach your winnings to your Battle Portal! There’s a ton of loot to collect, so get your best game on!


Keep track of winners from each round with the scoreboards on top of the arches. The first player to win six rounds is the champion. Also included are two Chompies and two sheep, and all the necessary tools to play one of the five different Battle Portal games.

Now that we understand the equipment, let’s check out the different games you can play!

arcade-slide-4Portal Rumble

Go head to head in the arena against your friends (or enemies)! Aim your Battle Portals at each other and see who’s left standing after the impact! You can utilize advanced techniques like backspin to get the leg-up on your opponent.



Battle Shuffle

Aim and slide for the target zone, but be careful not to hit the sheep on the other side! The closest to the edge wins. Precision is key!





Coin Shooter

The Ultimate Battle Arcade includes a coin shooter that fires coins when hit by a Battle Portal. For this game, you have to control your strength and get coins as close to the center of the gateways as possible. Whoever is the closest to the center wins!




arcade-slide-5Turbo Target

Line up loot and items along the top of the Battle Bumpers and collect as much as possible! Slide your Battle Portal against the Battle Bumper as fast as you can and try to knock off all the loot. To increase the difficulty level, add Sheep and Chompies to the mix – knock Chompies down for more points without hitting the Sheep!


arcade-slide-1Treasure Chest Blaster

An exploding treasure chest is added to the mix – the first to collect the treasure inside wins! Ricochet your Battle Portals off the Battle Bumpers and aim for the treasure chest. Be the first to hit the chest and win the round! Be careful – it becomes harder to aim with more strength, but you need a lot of force to knock the chest open.


Master all five games to become the champion of the Skylands or challenge your friends and become the Ultimate Battle Portal Master! Add more players and more excitement by collecting other Battle Portals – pick your favourite and go for the gold!

Ready to learn more? Check out our great Battle Play videos to find out tips to improve your skills and find out three important rules you need to follow when battling in the Ultimate Battle Arcade!

Battle Play Video 1 – Battle Play Basics

Battle Play Video 2 – Battle Arcade




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