Mega Bloks® Jeep® 3-in-1 Ride-ons: Toddler-sized 4×4 machines

Both of my kids mastered walking while holding onto the high handles on the backs of ride-on toys. I suspect I share that experience with a lot of parents of pre-schoolers.  It’s thrilling to watch your kids go faster and faster while grasping on to the back of a ride-on for their lives. And then as they get comfortable with walking, they begin riding and the real racing begins!

Boys and Girls Jeep Ride-ons

Mega Bloks® has paired up with Jeep® to bring two brand new ride-ons to pre-schoolers everywhere.  Both come with heavy-duty 4×4 wheels, elevated fog lights on a roll cage, exterior gas canisters, and the full iconic Jeep front-end design!


A classic rugged green and grey version reflects the iconic Jeep look. But there’s also a pink version for the pre-schooler girl who loves her ride-on to reflect her own style.


Both ride-ons feature push-button controls that mimic 3 sounds which replicate the sounds of a Jeep in action.  Now they can drive just like mommy and daddy! Vroom! Of course, mommy and daddy’s favourite features will be the included three-level volume control and an off button! ;)


The vehicles are both compatible with Mega Bloks First Builders blocks, and have exposed prongs for building on the steering wheel and sides. Both come with 10 blocks in the same colour scheme as the vehicle itself. Even better, the seat lifts up for easy storage of blocks and other toys!


These two ride-ons will be in high demand this back-to-school season. You’ll be able to get your hands on one soon. Keep an eye out!


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