Mega Bloks® Barbie™ Build ‘n Style Pool Party

Summer is coming, and to celebrate, Barbie is hosting a dazzling Pool Party! And of course, Ken is invited to help man the BBQ.

Do you have a creative girl in your family with a flair for building and decorating? She will love to create a splash-tastic party oasis with glittering pink slides, bridges, diving board and a beautiful blue waterfall pool! 159 pieces to put together any way she likes, leaving her rebuilding and playing for hours and hours!

And did I mention that this set really holds water? The pool can be filled to help Ken slip down the slide with a real splash!

Ken and Barbie enjoy a dip – the pool really holds water!

Pool Party Barbie is awesomely accessorizable (yeah – I invented the perfect word for it!). A trendy striped two-piece, a matching sun hat and bows and a cute purple party skirt! And of course, Barbie wouldn’t be Barbie without a perfect pink purse and matching heels for poolside fun.

Barbie, pictured with all her accessories (including the perfect man!)

Barbie, pictured with all her accessories (including the perfect man!)

Pool Party Ken grills some hot dogs on the patio as Barbie chooses the songs on the mp3 player!

Ken mans the grill. Hotdogs, anyone?

A creative girl will love to build and style this set her own way! Where will she choose to set the patio umbrellas and lounge chairs? How can she add a little poolside charm with palm trees and multi-colored tulips? With the Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Pool Party, the decoration choices are unlimited! This set entertained me for hours – just imagine how much a girl would love it!

Another possible build – the variations are endless!


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