Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Kids

As a parent of two, I know the pre-holidays rush very well. Usually the big gift is already decided, but there are so many more to get! The last week’s rush for stocking stuffers and smaller gifts can be a nightmare without the right guidance. So to help others like me, I’ve made a quick list of some of my favourite toys that will fit the bill for those last few items to round out the holiday season.

Gifts for Preschoolers


Preschoolers around the world invest hours and hours and hours of playtime into our #1 all-time seller – the First Builders Classic Big Building bag. If you don’t already have one of these for your preschoolers, it’s the perfect gift at a reasonable price and can be used to create thousands of different builds – even holiday-themed ones!


For more racing-focused preschoolers who love ripping about the house, we have Ricky Racecar and Catie Convertible, both of which are fully compatible with First Builders blocks and come with an adorable Block Buddy.


For kids who are more into heavy-duty vehicles, there’s Steer-me Steve with his steering wheel that really turns and truck bed that dumps via a bright red quick pull lever!

If you want to really impress young kids who love to ride, what better gift than an authentic Jeep Ride-On, in rugged green or pretty pink. These are my personal picks for best Mega Bloks Ride-Ons of all time, but I’m a super-biased Jeep fan since birth. ;)


Slightly older preschoolers can populate the Island of Sodor with the Thomas & Friends line, including over half a dozen buildable engines sold individually at $10 or less! The parts in each engine are fully swappable amongst the collection and these sets are perfect for last minute stocking stuffers!

Gifts for Kids 4+

Building sets make for incredible gifts for school-aged kids – they not only give the child a great moment when they’re opened, but they offer the perfect project for extended family time over the holidays. Putting together a construction set offers an extra hour or two of parent/child together time – something that gets tougher to find with each passing year.


For creative girls, there is no better gift than construction sets. I watch my daughter play for hours building sets up and rearranging parts and accessories. One great choice for girls like her is the Barbie Build ‘n Play Tropical Resort – they’ll love the cute dolphins plus the endless customizability that the Barbie sets come with.

While we’re focused on famous blond characters, how about this cute Smurfette’s House set? It comes with dozens of smurfy accessories like rustic furniture, opening windows and doors, and a cupcake! It’s not often you can get a construction set that is truly life-sized – but this one is pretty close! ;)


For kids who love a more rough-and-tumble set, it doesn’t get much more awesome than this bright yellow Super Blitzen Monster Truck from the Hot Wheels line. You can use the massive wheels in this set to turn any one of the Mega Bloks Hot Wheels vehicles into its own monster truck!


For kids over five there is no video game that is more hot right now than Skylanders. My son is a huge fan and these holidays he’ll be getting the Boss Tank Showdown, featuring Wash Buckler from SWAP Force. The working launchers from many of the Skylanders sets are awesome fun for young kids.


Another great small Skylanders set for a memorable building experience is the Zeppelin Air Ship Assault. My son has this set already and loves the bright orange zeppelin and the detachable eye on the EyeBrawl figure.


A couple of perfect stocking stuffers before I go: for girls who love anything Hello Kitty, Series 3 Blind Bags are in-stores now – each bag comes with a one of eight vacation-themed characters with a block and an accessory. They’re fun for all ages!


For any child who loves cool little buildable vehicles, the Hot Wheels Ripcord Racers are the perfect size for a fun little stocking stuffer that’s a quick build but provides hours of awesome.

Any questions? Want more personalized recommendations? You can find me on our Facebook page or ask a question in the comments section below!

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  1. misscill

    I am extremely disappointed with my latest MegaBlok purchase! I purchased a Walmart exclusive tower of blocks for my granddaughter. The set comes with 85 pieces including colors light pink, dark pink, white and lime green, according to the picture on the box. Unfortunately, when we opened the box on Christmas to play we were disappointed to discover that 42 of the 85 pieces were single “yellow” blocks and another 25 were white, light pink and dark pink SINGLE blocks and the other 18 blocks were various light pink and dark pink blocks. Not only was the majority of the box single blocks and YELLOW but there were NO lime green blocks at all! This was a HUGE let down! Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I have bought a set and was disappointed. I have made it a tradition to buy MegaBloks for every child I know as gifts throughout the year as well as countless sets that I purchase for the Christmas season…however, I’m not sure if this tradition will continue after this let down. I feel cheated and I’m not even sure what to do about it! Hoping someone at MegaBloks cares enough to help me!

  2. Danesi

    Dear all,
    It seems to be impossible to contact by mail the customer Service: only tel numbers.
    I have purchased a lot of barbie mega bloks for my baby, but it is impossible to fix hairs on to the barbie’s head.
    Some suggestion

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