Last Man Standing Zombie Pack

You may have seen some subtle teases over the past week about the Last Man Standing Zombie Pack – a Target-exclusive set (in North America) based on the extremely popular Infection multiplayer gamemode. Well, here’s your full reveal – check it out!

Zombie Pack

It features a cobalt blue Security Spartan as last man standing, armed with a Shotgun. He’s up against four zombie-fied Spartans. You’ll get infected Recon, EVA, EOD and CQB Spartans, all decked out in glow-in-the-dark armour and armed with translucent Energy Swords.

See more online and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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40 thoughts on “Last Man Standing Zombie Pack

  1. blazenrage1337

    This is a great set and i had an idea for a new set. I havent figured out a name for the set yet. It would include the following:
    1. 2 Green Marines
    2. 1 Scout Spartan
    3. 2 Flood combat forms
    4. 1 Flood Tank form
    5. 3 Flood infection forms
    6. 1 Flood carrier form
    7. 1 Troop Transport Warthog

  2. spartan007

    Well done mega bloks,looks great and can’t wait to add it to my mega bloks halo collection.
    I like how you have made the figures glow in the dark.
    Great job guys

  3. davidreavis

    this set looks cool. hey dose any one else wonder why they haven’t made the vulture from halo wars that would be so cool. Hell I would pay $100 for if I had to.

  4. seyer

    cute set, but please tell us when we can see the series 7 (heros packs) … i realy want all of them , i saw some pictures and those new figures are realy realy awsome..

  5. VampiricSeagull


  6. Dusty1728

    Wow. You guys have seriously outdone yourselves with this!
    I mean glow in the dark armor? green energy swords? AND a new security spartan?
    You know i just have to say thank you for doing what you do in the multiplayer aspect of halo, i love these sets more than the covert ops and anniversary line combined! also cant wait to get my hands on that new hornet!
    Please, take my money!

    1. ryu_yeah

      I love that they incorporate multiplayer elements into the toyline as well. I like how they have established some sets that are out of the maps (particularly the Snowbound map and, I think it’s called, the bits from the base in High Ground) and I would really enjoy seeing more. It would also be cool if they just replicated pieces from Forge so collectors could create and modify their own maps. I know I would definitely buy a set or two, if it contained a good assortment of pieces.

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