Join the MEGA BRAD Halo Clan

So it’s pretty common knowledge that I am pretty tight with our Mega Bloks Halo community — I’m a member of several fan forums and I manage our page on Facebook. This leads to some pretty funny stuff, including half the posts on the Halo page beginning with “Hey Brad.”

However, I was pretty shocked to find out that there is a Halo clan made after me! We definitely have the best fans! Sadly you won’t see me playing there (just no time lately), but this group certainly has my full support! Thanks to Gagnon30 and all the members!

6 thoughts on “Join the MEGA BRAD Halo Clan

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    This is NOT a joke! So many of the Halo Mega Bloks fans also are fans of the Halo games, so its only right we have our own group for that too!

    We have signature bloks for members ready to hand out, represent and mos timportantly HAVE FUN!

    MEGA BRAD!! You got what it takes! ;)

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