Halo Spring 2013 Preview: UNSC Mantis

We’ve got something cool to share with all you Halo fans today: a sneak peek at an upcoming set, the UNSC Mantis.

The Mantis is a fully articulated battle mech with an insane amount of firepower — a machine gun and 5-tube missile launcher, to be exact. It is piloted by this stealth-armor equipped Warrior Spartan, a totally new addition to the line.

The Mantis also comes equipped with a buildable docking station!

It will be in stores early next year. Let us know what you think of it!

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792 thoughts on “Halo Spring 2013 Preview: UNSC Mantis

  1. funnygrunt

    I dont know how much is the mantis, I cant find any mega bloks halo in my country. :( I just see whats here. So the mantis cost $32 dollers in what place? Tell me please? :)

  2. funnygrunt

    Yeah, I did finish campaign. I all ready finish easy, Normal, Heroic, And am at legendary! Its true! Am at that mamoth level, Its kind of hard! I have to restart because theres something wong, I want the master chief armor! :D

  3. Gatorman28

    IM IN SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much love with this mantis. I need it soooo badly. I wonder what my mom would say. I hope she says yes! Today I just joined the club. This is my 7th coment. Who wants to be friends with me?

  4. andyk

    ok warfighter117, im gonna be honest with ya. i have not finished halo 4 but can you tell me in multi player and forge what SR means? i am up to SR4 cause i just star ted installing the 2nd disk into the xbox and i couldent find out where to go on disk 1 but i found it last night in the section infinity but i dont SR means. it means spartan… something. and its ur type of level that ur on! :)

  5. boo132

    oh my gosh toattaly epic!!! i want that santa.if i don’t get it for christmas then is it under 42 dollers at toys r us because i have a 42 doller gift card?if it is then im getting it:D

  6. Marine225

    That’s so cool that’s like the best vehicle in the game and the saw with the spartan is cool as well I hope that mantis can stomp just like the one in the game

  7. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    hey guys, another 14 days to christmas. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :) :) :)

  8. warfighter117

    i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just saw the new halo mega bloks set on youtube it comes with promeatean knight watcher and two crawlers i have to have that set right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. funnygrunt

    Hey guys! I finish HALO 4! You were right warfighter117, Cortana was so crazy rampant! Oh yeah, The last mission was so hard! I drive that JET thing! And I crash! :D

  10. Ghost1O4

    I played the first halo game, Halo Combat Evolved, back in, what, 2006 ish? when I was 6, since then I have bought every halo game there is and read all the books, and written my own halo fan fiction story on fanfiction.net call Onix Squad. I know about 80%-90% of all halo things. So, I thinks I can maby get a discount? :)

  11. funnygrunt

    Heres a spoiler, The mantis was so cool when I drive it! In mission 6, You drive the cool pelican! :D And I follow a achevment about, Push or trick a Hunter to its death. And I followed it! :D

  12. warfighter117

    funnygrunt i just beat halo 4 its so awsome!!! now i just have to beat halo wars and i will have beaten every halo game there is and im only 12 years old :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  13. Unggoymasher

    Mwahahaha. This is awesome. I get eighteen kills and no deaths with it on Ragnarok one time in Halo 4! I was wondering when you guys would make it. Keep up the good work Megabloks!

  14. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    well miss if it was a arbiter it wouldnt be the one from halo 3 because if you have played all the halo games you will know he gets turned into the arbiter in halo 2

  15. dexmas

    funnygrunt, minecraft is where you build,defend your house from monsters, and find diamonds, go to the nether and in the next update,fight the ender dragon, and funnygrunt do you have a xbox live account. p.s doof smoggy is my friend and can be annoying sometimes so please tell me if he is cuase he will join anyone to play he is bord all the time.

  16. jacksigmo07

    i like this set end i hoop dat all new sets have all new figures like storm grunt en storm jeckel i hope if new battlepacks wil be like this 2 storm grunts 1 purple 1 orange 1storm jeckel en 1 storm elite ent call it covenant storm pack . wat u guys fink af it

  17. miss

    i have to but do u now when u die?? in lone wolf do you notice a LEFT handed elite drawing an energy sword like as if he is in charge???? when u just see his foot steps in front of u????

  18. funnygrunt

    dexmas I am not picking a fight with doof. -_- Besides, He said to me, I am sorry funnygrunt can we be friends now? -_- I didnt know that doof minecraft name is sicsloth. Before a name sicsloth1 said I am a noob rage alot. I do not rage. -_- I was wondering if thats you doof changeing your name?

  19. dexmas

    hey doof i dont have minecraft on the computer but i do for the xbox and funny gurnt if u really want to pick a fight try me cuase doof is a good person and i know your aurgument is over but dont pick a fight thats not someone your size. p.s doof you should get a mic insted of messaging each other.

  20. andyk

    if aj the covie slayer ever comes back on tellhim i said hes not a noob! :) oh and it used to be the same with me covie slayer but with 3 older bros but they have better games than fifa(call of duty mw3,mw2,mw,black ops,he used to have assassins creed 1,2,and brother hood.but 2 have moved out and the other has stopped playing it and i get it to myself now.im 10. i have halo 3 & odst and reach.i might get halo 4 for christmas and i have finished all aswell.

  21. miss

    oh rite advent calenders (chocolate) insted of chocolate you get a figure (HALO mega bloks) each day. i am just wondering if there is 1 i reacon there is one cuz halo is famous!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    what andyk! why would he need all those x boxs, can i have one because my little bro gets annoyed because i dont like fifa. we only have one which is mine

  23. funnygrunt

    So doof? You where sicsloth1? You said to Dexmas, My minecraft name is sicsloth. So you said Funnygrunt i can tell ur a noob in halo the way you rage its soooooooo funny NOOB. ;( :(

  24. andyk

    i heard that the covenant and pemifians work together in halo 4. oh and the last level is when you release a pemifian lord ,isnt it?my best friends dad has 8 xboxs{ 360s } :)

  25. andyk

    what part of january next year in 2013. 1- 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i demand to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. funnygrunt

    :) ! Guys! I was out today, And I saw HALO 4! They are selling Halo 4 where am living. Am going to get that game! :) I wonder you guys have HALO 4! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Am going to get that in Christmas! :) HALO 4! I will love the UNSC mantis!

  27. hal0pr0101

    dude, halo 4 is beast. the mantis can create some choas(and also can create noobs). and its a pain in butt to kill, so you have the greater edge if your in it and not trying to kill it.

  28. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    i havent got halo 4 so i dont know how big a mammoth really is. but my friend said its almost the size of 4 elephants welded together. imagin the bricks that would go into making that.

  29. Artur100

    this set contain the AAP cooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  30. funnygrunt

    miss we are still friends. :) doof sorry I call you names before, ;( Yes we can be friends now. :) Wow! I was new before, And have no friend. Now! I have miss, warfighter117, And doof! :)

  31. spartan3107

    megablocks can you guys make a set that inclueds the new acient evil from halo 4 pleeeeese i am sure alot of people might agree with me megablocks please i am begging u guys

  32. dexmas

    rapter50first ill send you a requist if you get it from dexmas58 thats me i am in no clan and would like to join yours p.s. i am born on the year of the metal dragon

  33. dexmas

    hey funny grunt if u got halo 4 send me a friend requist and to all of you guys join me on halo 4 or minecraft i am Dexmas58 and if u do play a couple of games with me i will help you with any thing

  34. raptor50first

    if any one has a xbox live account look me up. raptor50first is the name to look up for the gamer tag. i also have a clan, dragons fire. when u get the chance, look me up on xbox id love for u to join. oh and one more thing, i am the clan leader and u must have halo:reach or halo 4.

  35. Firespeed

    Well i hafto say this set is awesome and i sure like the new sparten. but i bet they realy try to hog the money on this one. but maybe this one ile just hafto save up cous its SIKLY AWESOME

  36. funnygrunt

    I am sorry guys, am getting HALO 4 next year. ;( And awsomeio, The chief is not dead, Hes alive becuse heros never dies. Cortana dies in HALO 4. Becuse, She sacerfice her self to the chief from the Didact, In the last level. AJ-the-covie-slayer,
    The brutes were dead in HALO 3.

  37. aritic

    i used this in halo 4, and this seems like a dream come true to have it for my U.N.S.C. army and it also has a super stomp. i also want to get 20 of these and make a large building and have them along the sides, because having a bunch of marines jump in them and then march them through a wall in the building would be an awesome intro for a toymation.

  38. warfighter117

    hey funnygrunt its still me awsomeio i just changed my user name but anyway i heard mastercheif dies in halo 4 dont you think that sucks i mean its just sad:(

  39. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    hey miss if you find a halo mega bloks advent calender tell me. i’ll look and see if there is one to. and to be honest, i really like the USA, but in my opinion it will never beat IRELAND. :)

  40. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    hey doof, you started over a misunderstanding of a comment so why are you still going at funny grunt. if you want him to stop calling you doof the goof, then dont send him a bad comment. i would like to keep peace but i can fight back to if you push me

  41. funnygrunt

    Snipershotxd I think the zealot wins. Sicsloth1 I think your a noob, becuse I seen how to tell your a Noob, Theres no such thin being Rage as a noob. -_- Your the NOOB Sicsloth1! -_- Awsomeio I seen the last episode of legends of korra, it was cool. I saw Aang, he was a good looking young man, and he gave korra her bending back. :)

  42. dexmas

    its awsome. sorry i havent been posting i have been playing HALO 4 and the mantis is a big target on halo 4 so stay by your base or go with a worthog i only get i if i am fast enough send a friend request to dexmas58 thats me and and help me make a clan first to people will be my right and left hand men ect. i repeat my name is Dexmas58 and i am starting a clan. :]

  43. funnygrunt

    I remember I played “AVATAR” on Xbox 360, And I ride the AMP suits most of the time. Because there slow, but I ride faster vehical. And miss, I don’t understand you? cool cooler that you? What!?

  44. funnygrunt

    Next time bro you should not make your name that rhymes! lol! Just helping you bro! I should call you next time goofy! hahaha! Doof as in goofy! You where friends with micky mouse? ha! ;) ;) :) :) :) :) :)

  45. Marine50

    That’s like that thing from avatar. Mantises were a way of protecting the user and were usedas mass destruction weapons. Off of pure knowledge, oh yea!

  46. cades

    This a great and awesomes set. It has a lot of great features like a robot suit. It has a great elite like legs. It haas a great figurine that comes with it and the new weapon. This would be a great set for your collection. It also looks like the robot suit from the movie ‘Avatar’ or a cyclops from Halo Wars. The weapon looks like a machine gun from the new Halo 4 game.

  47. lukeyboy

    I think that’s Halo 4′s version of the Cyclops from Halo Wars. I remember when I thought I saw a Cyclops on one of the trailers for Halo 4. It could be a United Nations Space Command (UNSC) Mantis. But for christmas I’m getting Halo 4 and loads of other Halo 4 merchandice. (e.g. Halo 4 Xbox controller, Halo 4 gaming headset…) (Oh, and btw, I’m on this website on the new internet exploere app for my Xbox 360) 1 more day to go till Halo 4 release!

  48. ShadowSpartan2000

    What is a forerunner structure? And on youtube if I type halo megabloks review it always comes up reviews by commanderbacara198 I just wonder if he is signed on website. If he is Hi!

  49. Ghost1O4

    For everyone who dose not yet know, the Mantis is a new UNSC vehicul in halo 4, specifically for the remake of the halo 3 map “Valhalla” renamed as Ragnarok. It has 5 missile launchers, a large machine gun, and has the ability to stomp on its enemies, and may be in the campaign, i don’t yet know

  50. holyshangeily

    hey type aye if you love the flood and think theyr is not enough mega blok flood. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. funnygrunt

    Oh yeah, but I cant go out becuse of my school! And I want it! I love halo warthogs! Even in halo game, I always have a during escape with it. But yeah, when I was like 6 I want to build the warthog in Lego. But MEGA BLOKS HALO is taking the place of LEGO. :) :) :) :) :) :) 8)

  52. funnygrunt

    Well the zealot is rare when you buy one warthog resistance, But if you buy 2 or more its not rare. But yeah, Its rare when you get one. Tell me guy if you have more warthog resistance, becuse its not rare anymore if you get more of it. You will get 2 or 3 I think? But theres a BLUE ZEALOT ELITE in that foward unto dawn set. :)

  53. phil

    Awsome! (Every halo set is) That is really cool I wish I could have used that in my toymation ‘the big race” in the sports section. Please check it out and vote for it if you like it.

  54. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    im gettin abit confused now funny grunt , (not that i think much anyway) but do u mean that it is rare to get the zelot in the warthog resistance, because i think hes in every box u can buy of this set. hes not in any other sets because they havent made enough of them to put into other sets.

  55. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    hey guys, just back from a 2 day geog feild trip. great to be back. and whats wrong with people who use incorrect grammer noob. people just dont want to take the time and either check it or see if its spelt right. only nerd do that on a online chat

  56. funnygrunt

    Cool guys, very cool! I havent have any halo mega bloks, but now its in the store. I could get one or more, I’ll be out in fridays and get it! I hope! I’ll let you guys know ok. OH! P.S. miss I think the zealot is SUPER ULTRA RARE figure in that set. Oh boy! I hope I can have more halo mega bloks! :)

  57. TigerSn1ps

    hi ehhhh sorry i comment for this but i dunno where i should ask so: do mega bloks have like a department in europe where i could but Halo because i live in denmark and not in the states but right now im in the dominincan republic :D so i bought like 10 sets of mega bloks Halo last day xD but yea do u have a place in europe? ;)

  58. Lilhurk

    Hey I know this isnt the best place to post this but MegaBloks you have a serious bug in your website. My freind was trying to make a Bricks Bregade account and he told me that no mater what username he used he would always get the same error code “your username is to long” so i checked and he is right, you cant make an account now because of this bug, please fix this ASAP

  59. ShadowSpartan2000

    Yeah funny grunt saw the Sabre set too ,looks pretty cool and I’m from Ireland where it cost about €115. I also saw the Rhino which is kinda new here i was gonna get that but now I’m gettin that Mantis. Halo™ all the way!!!

  60. funnygrunt

    AJ-the-coveie-slayer I live in the phillipnes in cagayan de oro, And I was watching TV and I saw the commercial! Of HALO 4! I am going to get warthog resistance! HALO 4!

  61. CaptainCody

    MEGBLOKS? YOU ROCK the mantis is a awesome addition to the construction line. now, we need the mammoth, that would be a great set to have in stores!

  62. gummy0007

    omgomgomg i love u guys at mega bloks soooo muuch u never disappoint me when it comes to new sets. but the prices are starting to go up i dont know if thats because of the economy or watever i just know your sets r amazing and really fun to play with ;-) (ps. plz make some more covenent sets my unsc troops win every war…..)

  63. ShadowSpartan2000

    I want to do survey, one person replied to it earlier but i want to get everyones thoughts. Who thinks megabloks should make a UNSC base? Please reply and if u hav any ideas send them too.

  64. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    i think the mantis would be easier to kill because it might not be as armoured as a scorpion because it can walk, but having a chain gun and 5 rocket launchers, it would put up a very good fight

  65. funnygrunt

    OH MY GOSH! I saw it! I saw the HALO MEGA BLOKS on TV, and it was on commercial! It shows the halo 4 sets! I going to get warthog resistance! THANK you SANTA! its a sign!

  66. Yondo

    I can’t wait until the Promethean model and Forerunner model, and I can’t wait for this. If I don’t get this for Xmas, I’m going to pre-order it myself.

  67. funnygrunt

    Halo 4 is like the game I played called Section 8, If you guys read this, look up Section 8. Those who don’t know section 8, is about armor troops killing each other between two fractions (Section 8) and (Arms of orion). And they have built in jetpacks? Halo 4 coped it but its so cool!

  68. miss

    is there such thing as a halo mega bloks christmas advent calender (u know in sted of chocolate u get halo mega blok guys? cuz i want 1 if there is can any one tell me


    I’m defanitly gona get this set multiple times and I just wish they made a REDVSBLUE set that has all the characters like church and sarge and my favorite GRIF

  70. jfby8

    i think it would b cooler if you guys added maybe one other figure like a mechanic, or someone to hold down the loading station while the spartan is mantis is away…

  71. holyshangeily

    sweet! i love it and will (hopefully) cherish it! but i also want to add that there should be a spartan armor based off the cole protocol prototype armor in halo legends. that, my friends, would be sweet.

  72. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    hey, i am planning a stopmotion (not for the contest) and would like to hear what u guys think. it is set 30 years after the war started, the unsc finally started to push the covenant back, but then they discovered a enemy greater than the covenant and it devours everything in its path

  73. electricocomics

    I love what mega bloks does but I hate that every time I get something, another even cooler set comes out. But I guess it is good because epicness adds up then…

  74. Spartan1226

    It’s been almost a year ( I think ) since I’ve been on the blog… it’s great to back for one thing, I can’t wait to get HALO 4 for another, and finally as long as this last part doesn’t get censored, because October is national “come out of the closet” month ( or so I’ve heard ) I just want to let everyone know that I’m gay. I hope nobody has a problem with that.

  75. Huragok21

    Has anyone watched the mantis gameplay on youtube,
    It is a mech suit of destruction. It can destroy a scorpion tank with its missiles. I am like a GOD for any information on this. I will earn $100 just to get forward unto dawn and this mantis.

  76. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    halo anniversery is really good. it has these new halo reach maps based on ones from the first halo game. but i remember a whole lot of fun glitches u could do in the first game that you cant do in this.

  77. funnygrunt

    I have all halo games! but one, HALO 4! Well I dont have halo ce anniversey, becuz its a flash game. but I have HALO CE, HALO 2, HALO 3 ODST, HALO 3, HALO REACH, AND HALO WARS.

  78. Jimaljabil

    I WANT THIS SET!! and can u guys make more cool sets of these with the new guns armor alieans and u should had the cool paints for the guns on it that they have in the new halo 4

  79. hobbyhorse335

    I can’t remember exactly where but I read that this set should sell for around $30. A price I am completely willing to pay for such an amazing set. This is by far my favorite set so far in the spring 2013 line. What do u guys think?

  80. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    How many of u think that the longer Bungie/343 industries dont make a halo movie and make games, the more awesome the movies gonna be when they do with all the new vehicles and stuff. P.S. i know bungie isn’t making the games anymore. i just said it because they made the first halo.

  81. flamingskulls9

    THIS SET IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. funnygrunt

    I can’t beleave it! I seen this on youtube, its called (Halo 4 mantis trailer). You guys should see it! I like the part when the red guy mantis t-bag the blue guys body. :)

  83. funnygrunt

    Spartanhero, you shuold have an XBOX360 and have some halo games. I have all halo games! But one, HALO 4! I just had halo wars, and its cool! In that game have some cool things and P.S. I first time play that before. And you know you can buy one? I just feel sorry for you. You should play HALO! :) :)

  84. marine194

    this looks amazing a new minifig a new weapon the saw an amazing vehicle that looks really fun to use on valhalla remake map and it’s in my price range im guesing around £40-£50 good job mega bloks!

  85. Dacdamac

    Well done Megabloks! I never saw this coming. It looks awesome and seems highly detailed. Making the Mantis is a great idea. Reminds me of Transformers and the movie Avatar. Im be looking forward to this. I just hope its not too expensive. I also think you guys should remake some older sets like the Covenant Vampire and the UNSC Gremlin because those sets are out dated and are due for a remake. Thanks for listening!

  86. funnygrunt

    I was at my local toys R us and I find Dragons universe pod sets, it cost like 399.45 pesos, and I was like, oh man I cota get these. Hope you can get these here. thx if you do this mega bloks! :)

  87. funnygrunt

    Guys if you go to the drop pod 2012 comment it have my Ideas! It post to be called unsc cyclops!? but unsc mantis is fine! but where the ghost? and the 4 grunts?

  88. CovenentMassacre1

    What I see is a new figure with a new weapon. Seems to be an L.M.G(light machine gun) of some kind. Also, the name and how it looks jogs my memory of metal gear. Personally, I suggest you change the layout. Nothing major but maybe reconsider the name and minor details here and there.
    Yours truly,

  89. BlueCanoe

    Wow, it looks cool! The Spartan looks especially epic on the second picture! Although, maybe the set would look better if I knew how it looked in the non-Mega bloks form. I guess I gotta check that out some time. Well anyways, nice work Mega Bloks!

  90. sephiroth447

    first comment! i just think that this is the BEST THING FOR MY COLLECTION!!!!! sadly, my parents do not support my notion of two fully fledged armies in one room with so little space. so ill have to wait until either chrismas which is on 8/30, or until chrismas next year

  91. destrodarth

    Okay, looks around $80 NZ Dollars, so, Halo 4 is $100, and this is $80, then $180 dollars.
    I watched this thing on Waypoint Halo 4 gameplay, looks fun!!!, cant wait to stomp me some ghosts!!!!

  92. Bugsqueegie

    Dear santa,
    I know I have been BAD this year… BUT I CAN CHANGE!!! REALLY I’M A NEW MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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