A New Batch for a New Year: Introducing Series 8

Mega Bloks Halo Series 8 micro action figures are already showing up on shelves and the collecting and comparing has begun! Which ones will YOU get?


The most exciting addition to this series is the inclusion of not one, but two Promethean figures. The first is the menacing blue-lit Crawler, shown above. This figure is already in huge demand for some Promethean army-building. Fortunately it’s a common one to find in Series 8.


The other Promethean figure is a Watcher, detailed in the same awesome pre-Didact blue lights. The included translucent stand leaves it in a perfect hover formation to protect any nearby Knights from Spartan attacks.


Ready to take down the Promethean forces is a handful of armed Spartans. Starting with this new purple-armoured UNSC Spartan Mark VI, who is armed with a metallic blue-grey Scattershot and ready to use it on nearby Crawlers.


Don’t let the blue visor on this suit of gold armour fool you. The included Reach-era grenade launcher puts the ‘assault’ in this Air Assault Spartan. He’s ready to take on Covenant and Promethean troops at the pull of a trigger.


The ultra-rare figure in Series 8 is this wicked UNSC Spartan Soldier in covert-ops grey. You can see he’s downed his fair share of covies as he’s armed himself with one of their Storm Rifles. This ultra-rare already been spotted a few times and is well worth the hunt.


I may get some flack from the community on this one, but my fave figure of Series 8 has to be this dirty-orange Hazop Spartan with his all-black grenade launcher. I’m a fan of the heavy-duty Spartan figures (EODs and Hazops represent!) and I’ve got a thing for orange armour. Anyways, I think this guy is pretty kick-ass.


Fall 2013 was a pretty great year for fans of Spartan Operators (we got one in both the Mammoth and the Pelican), and it looks like 2014 is following suit. The all-new olive green Spartan Operator in Series 8 comes armed with a Forerunner Scattershot for some close-range annihilation.


If you didn’t pick up all of the 2013 sets, this a pretty great way to get your hands on one of the best Covenant figures released last year. This crimson Storm Elite showed up in the Cobra set but is so awesome he’s showed again here in Series 8. The odds are stacked against him with the five Spartans shown above, and it’s not helping that he’s only armed himself with a deep purple Storm Rifle. Good luck, pal.


And good luck to you in finding Series 8 and picking out the one you wanted! Have you already got your hands on any Mega Bloks Halo Series 8 micro action figures yet? It’s hitting shelves everywhere by Spring 2014.

Which figure do you have YOUR eye on? Let us know in the comments section below!


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83 thoughts on “A New Batch for a New Year: Introducing Series 8

  1. EliteGrunt13

    Picked up a few more packs and I got the covert ops soldier! I also got a Operator with a silver visor. Is that a paint mistake with the figure? Either way the figure is awesome with a silver visor and looks better than the normal one does.

  2. reillyhalo

    I have officially collected all of the figures in this series. This is actually the first series that I have done so. I just got the Golden Air Assault and the Green Operator Spartan the other day.

  3. reillyhalo

    Just got the Ultra Rare Soldier Spartan yesterday. He kinda looks like the leader of Majestic Team in Halo 4, I believe. That, or it was Thorne.

  4. Bradynrico

    in series 11 or 10 you guys should put in a ultra rare hunter we never really see them and id love to see one with active camo next year. by the way for the metallic series 3 you guys should make a flood with metallic armor

  5. master93

    this serie promise much and not in a bad form as we know many of us think that the semi AC will start his domination on worldwide but suddenly a big change arrive only one semi AC came with this new serie and is a repeated figure of the eight figures inside the group of forerunners if you want my opinion i will say that this serie gets a 10 in comparison with series 3 and 7 and allof this is because they dont have any grunt in contemplation

  6. Cameronmcivor

    Hi I brought a halo series 8 pack and got prometheon crawler but I’m missing body part what can I do to get replacement as put it in parts replacement and it comes up series4 would really like some help not happy about missing pieces very annoying :((

    1. Evanandrews

      I hate it when that happens Once I got A Mantis and it was missing most of the head! It also happened to me with a invisible elite but I opened my other pack and the missing arm was in there.

  7. SniffyGeoduck40

    EVERYBODY YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS: Go to the figures aisle and click on the orange flame marine. You will see a sneak peak about series 9!!! :O

    1. SpartanEcho

      there is no series 9, the main reason why I’m trying get all of these figures is because the next series come out this summer and it is called series alpha, it is no longer being called by its number but I gatta say this year megabloks is going above and beyond

      1. SpartanEcho

        woops sorry there is a series 9 my bad but the only next series I was aware of was the series alpha that comes this summer Im guessing that series 9 comes after series alpha , I cant wait to get the active camo skirmisher and that cio seems to have the halo 4 style gravity hammer wich is going to be the second generation gravity hammer but in my opinion series alpha has a pretty unique figure that I want to get my hands on

  8. reillyhalo

    I was at Books-A-Million and saw that they only had three left in this series. So, me and my brother each got one. He opened his; it was a Purple Mark 6 Spartan. No biggy. Mine was torn slightly and a purple spartan leg fell out. I think you can guess what I got. I returned the ripped pack and got the other series 8 pack; the final one. I open and sure enough, it’s the Purple Mark 6 Spartan. I couldn’t believe it. All three of them were the same guys. What are the odds? Still lookin’ for the Spartan Soldier.

    1. SpartanEcho

      lol maybe your chosen color is purple so I gatta ask you something, are you on the blue team or the red team, just don’t get token over by O’Malley

      1. reillyhalo

        I’m definitely on the Red team. Not only because it is one of my favorite colors, but it is also the military sign for Bravery and Courage.

    2. HaloFTW69

      Yes, this happened to me as well, I believe that the purple mark VI spartan is the ultra common figurine of this series. I might be doing a give away, but I don’t know yet, I’ll wait til’ my local target restocks to collect the final figurine I need of this series, which is the operator…and my favorite. :(

  9. Noxmodel001

    So i bought like 5 of these, impressed, though i got my first broken unit, which the store replaced for me. I did get a Hazop that came with a translucent orange/red watcher though. Secret rares? I’ve never pulled 2 units out of a pack, and never a translucent one. Also, looooove the ultra rare, I pulled him this morning.

  10. EliteGrunt13

    I really want that elite or crawler, at my local Walgreens they have series 7 blind packs but I still can’t find series 8 packs. I am almost done with my series 7 collection! all I need is the yellow EOD and the Halo 4 marine.

  11. gadnaman


    Alguien puede ayudarme con una duda ??? compre un sobre de halo de la serie 8 ..96978 y me salieron dos figuras un espartan morado y elite de color humo transparente y no lo marca el sobre ni nada alguien sabe qcual figura puede ser

  12. reillyhalo

    You know what they should make for the next series? The Didect, or Sergeant Johnson. They would make great Ultra Rare or even Rare figures in the next series.

  13. russthecobra

    Like the new molds in the figure packs. Getting a little tired of seeing Spartans and in the halo universe there really isn’t that many Spartans, there are more marines. It would be nice to see more Marine units like medics or female marine units as well. Also would be nice to have civilians as well such as scientist, rebel units found on Halo Wars, and others found in Halo Reach.

  14. SPARTAN003

    As much as I love the variety and the new contents in this series, I found many faults with this series!
    I recently bought 18 packs and I found that more than a few of my figures had poor quality.
    My Promethean crawler was packaged with 2 left legs, my watcher was missing its flight stand, and two of my AA Spartans had broken torso armors!
    I would’ve asked for replacements, but it appears that there aren’t any options for figure packs at the request center.
    As a long-term Halo Mega Bloks fan, I expect better quality from this company.

    1. HungryTurkey

      Back when I finally hunted down a Series 2 Pink Hayabusa, I opened it and was distraught to find the arm attach peg was short shot and torso deformed. I used the “contact us: request” option and selected “Other” and “Other” as a means of getting a box where I could tell my story (I gave the UPC, and description from the paper in the pouch). The cust rep who receives it on the other end was able to work their magic on the other end and I had a perfect replacement within a week or so. It’s unfortunate that sometimes you get a set with a missing block or wrong block or two, but when you’re sending out kits with thousands of parts each, mistakes will happen. Their service, however, has ALWAYS been great about getting replacement parts to me in a very reasonable time-frame, and without the fuss of having to send in copies of receipts/UPCs/etc. Mega is pure gold <3.

    1. HungryTurkey

      Toys R Us is a good source, as is batoys4baboys.com The two of them have allowed me to acquire all but the Mammoth (working on saving for that one) and the Forward unto Dawn (dunno if I’ll ever be able to spend that much :) )

  15. reillyhalo

    I like it. I can never seem to find the ultra rare guys with the mystery series. I get the rare and common, but not the ultra rare. But why did they make the Promethians blue?

    1. o0FoRrEsT0o

      The promethean a are blue because they are pre-didect . In halo 4, the prometheans were blue, and when the didect took over the prometheans, they turned orange.

  16. prophetsarechickens

    This is awesome! But Mega, why are the new sets other than the blind series unavailable in Canada? Your Shop says so. Will they ever come to us?

    1. Tim Post author

      All the sets will be available in Canada soon. These are Spring sets – all stores that stock Halo Mega Bloks should have them by the middle of the Spring season.

  17. greensaint

    Where will you be able to purchase these because i haven’t seen these on any Walmart or toys r us shelves yet for some strange reason possibly it’s just taking a while for the shipment of series 8 to finally reach over to them.

    1. HungryTurkey

      Try http://www.batoys4baboys.com . Great customer service and they frequently have sets well before you will find them in WalMart or other big box stores. Like the new Metallic ODST drop pods. Haven’t seen them anywhere in the wild yet, but got a full set for 20 bucks. They’re legit. An excellent small business.

  18. ConnorSC

    I got some of these from an online place and a few more for xmas and so far the only one I don’t have is the watcher. All the figures are great but you were kinda mean to the elite…

    1. HungryTurkey

      Rogue, Wetworks and Pioneer would be awesome, as well. And now that I’ve seen the amazing metallic finish they can do with the new ODST set, I would love to see more metallic combinations.

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