Best Covenant Ghost we’ve ever made? Yup!

Just like in the Halo games, you’ll run across a lot of Ghosts when you look back at the whole series of Mega Bloks Halo sets. At last count, we’ve made five differently-designed Ghosts that appear in seven different sets. And I’m here to unabashedly tell you that this one’s the best. Hands down.

Is that just my own personal opinion? You bet – this is the blog, so that’s kinda what I do here! The Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost comes in an all-new deeper purple colour – an immediately noticeable difference but not the only one.


All the design changes are minor, but they all work to evolve the 2014 Ghost into a really sleek machine. The most noticeable upgrade over the last version is the pair of dual-tone plasma cannons mounted on the front end. The translucent blue catches the light perfectly to give the impression of a glowing plasma charge.


Check out the tail end: three rounded, angled pieces offer up a smoother finish to the vehicle than the 2012 version and the rounded hoverbits on the bottom give it a much smoother gliding action. (yep, ‘hoverbits’ is definitely a word now)


Not only does it look sweeter, but it now works sweeter too. The seat area has been slightly tweaked to add a little more texture, including new handlebars and foot pedals. Handlebars don’t excite you? Try flying a Ghost without them and get back to me. ;)


The eager Spartan Recruit in this set got a little over-confident in taking on the pearly white Elite flying the ghost. Being armed with a Spartan laser will do that to a fella. He didn’t take into account the Elite’s glowing pink plasma sword, and was quickly overwhelmed…


The newly-redesigned Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost is in-stores now and can be picked up for as little as $12. This fun little build is an awesome addition to any collection.


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33 thoughts on “Best Covenant Ghost we’ve ever made? Yup!

  1. thelozumee

    I have recently gotten this set along with the hierarch’s shadow convoy and a few other things like the quad walker but I must say, the ghost looks extravagant while within the bottom of the shadow. Brings back some of that halo 2 reminiscence.

  2. Bradynrico

    You guys need to bring back the mongoose we all loved them plus there was not much of them if you guys do bring some back you need to make colorful one like orange yellow bright green and the Spartans should have the same color visor as the mongoose. you also need to make more weapons with skins.

  3. reillyhalo

    Just got it today, and I gotta say. This is a very cool Ghost; one of the collest I’ve ever gotten. Then again, I guess that’s what they people a Mega Bloks do; improve. Can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

  4. reillyhalo

    I just recently got the Night Ops Gausshog (mainly for my first of 5 light-up sets, and that it can go with the Mammoth), but I really want the Halo 4 Warthog because I have never gotten a plain old warthog. Its always been Gausshogs or Rockethogs.

      1. reillyhalo

        Yeah, I heard that they were making a black Warthog with flame decals. I am still asking myself, “Why did they make this and where did they get the idea?”

  5. EliteGrunt13

    I had recommended a ghost in an earlier comment, thank you for making it. I love how you can seat grunts as well as elites like in the halo 2 game I have. When I saw it came out I had bought it even before it came onto the website. Surprisingly I was really excited for that zealot elite but instead my favorite part of the set was the Spartan recruit. It is my favorite Spartan in my collection! I made a few modifications of the weaponry by giving him a battle rifle and adding a translucent claw piece to the peg hole and added a sticky detonator. This is a great set to get if you want to add a cool addition to your halo mega bloks battle scenes and if you don’t have much money either.

  6. SpartanMatoro

    This set looks really cool. I like the new ghost design, and the figures are very cool. I think, although the zealot is very cool, the Recruit is my favorite figure. However, the ghost looks much more sleek, and it is very cool.

  7. reillyhalo

    There was 6 different models, I can recall 3 or 4. I like this one a lot. I thought that the dual front plasma cannons lit-up, but that’s not a real disappoint. I believe that this is the only individual ghost vehicle set since the first ghost. 10/10 definitely.

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