Halo.MegaBloks.com: a site worthy of our loyal collectors

Way back in 2009, we launched the Mega Bloks Halo Authentic Collector’s Series. The line has since surpassed even our own lofty expectations. Five years later, with literally hundreds of figures, weapons and building sets behind us, we’re celebrating by offering our most engaged community members a brand new website that lets them to dig deep into the Mega Bloks Halo universe. Have a look, and check out the new features!


There are a number of functionality upgrades that make the site easier to use when looking for something specific. First off, and probably most importantly – in addition to browsing Mega Bloks toys by set, you can now visit The Armory to browse through weapons and you can view individual Micro Action Figures in our Figure Database!


Not good enough? From the Toys page, use the side filters to browse through sets by year of release or by faction. Each set now identifies which figures and weapons it comes with. If you find a figure or weapon that’s missing from your collection, you can now identify which set(s) it comes in. Happy hunting!


Still not good enough? Boy, you’re hard to please. Well, we like that quality in a super-fan, so we’ve got you covered! Let’s say you’re building an army of green-armoured Spartans. Well, you can now use the tags under each figure’s title to search for similar figures by faction, race, class, or even armour colour and variant! Give it a try!


With the new site comes new content as well. To celebrate the past five years of experience in the Halo universe, we’ve put together a retrospective video about all our favourite moments. It features interviews with Andrew Sparkes plus key members of the Microsoft Studios team. It’s both a look back and a look forward.

You’ll also find four all-new wallpapers for download. Which one will you choose?


We highly encourage you to poke around and explore the new site. If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for a Mega Bloks account to add sets to your ‘have’ and ‘want’ lists and subscribe to the Bloks Brigade newsletter. Let us know your thoughts on the new halo.megabloks.com in the comments below! 

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