Forward Unto Dawn


The Forward Unto Dawn set is a culmination of our four years of work on our Halo collection. It’s a tribute to all of the fans who have been supporting us and requesting a build as big as this. And of course, it’s a celebration for the launch of the latest instalment in the Halo series, Halo 4.

This set is the first release in our new Mega Bloks Signature Series. At over 2800 pieces, it’s the biggest set we have ever done and offers advanced builders the challenge of building our first capital ship from the Halo universe. And significantly, it’s the 117th set in our Halo collection.

The set contains four collectible figures: a UNSC technician, a UNSC officer, a blue-armored Covenant Elite Zealot, and … oh.

This is it. After four years of hearing the question, “When will you make the Chief?” we can answer. He’s here.

Clad in metallic green armour, our first Master Chief figure is designed with an unprecedented level of detail that only the Signature Series can deliver.

But the Chief doesn’t travel alone. Also included is a miniature Cortana with an exclusive light-up base. And yes, batteries are included. (We can’t imagine anything worse than spending several days building this only to realize there were no batteries!)

The outer shell of the ship is immensely detailed with an assortment of pieces being used to recreate the ship’s functional and decorative details. But that isn’t all.

The Forward Unto Dawn is not a hollow shell; the detail continues on the inside. Removing the top layers reveals three fully detailed compartments: a fully-stocked armory, a control corridor, and the Cryo Bay.

As iconic as the ship itself is, the Cryo Bay just might match it. After peace was achieved with the Covenant, the Chief put himself into a cryogenic slumber for 4 years, 7 months, and 10 days, up until he was awakened by a call for help from Cortana.

All in all, the completed ship is roughly 3 feet (1 meter) long. This means that before you start building, you better make sure you have a place staked out to put it.

Here’s a feature we just had to have — the ship splits down the middle just like in the opening of Halo 4, with a place for Master Chief to stand and look cool.

A set this monumental deserves some special packaging. The lid of the box flips open to reveal artwork of the Chief and Cortana inside the deteriorating Forward Unto Dawn. The blocks themselves are divided into four compartments with a UNSC-themed design emblazoned on each.

This is the biggest set we have ever released, and we can’t thank our fans enough for their support, without which this simply wouldn’t have been possible. We hope you’ll have as much fun building it as we did creating it.

Halo is truly a cultural force, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that universe. A big congratulations and special thanks to our friends at 343 Industries.

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384 thoughts on “Forward Unto Dawn

  1. Jonbbad

    good job megabloks now does anyone else think megabloks should make a gun pack like the ones at a store where you buy it open it and you got a random guy well i think they should make a gun mystery pack where you get a random gun that would be cool

  2. onewa0824

    i know its a big ship but if you ask me i am more about cheif i mean think about it the ship is big but in the game it would be bigger than 20 falcons but here its only as big as mabye 3 so i only care for the chief and cortana so i think ill just get the cyro bay set

  3. pikadogs123

    i envy the people who have this. not because of its size or the figures or stuff but because the makers spent so much time and it deserves to be… well enjoyed… Thank you megablocks. You guys rock. This set is by far my favorite set that you guys have made.

  4. zombiedarkar

    It is so awsome, good thing it is not 500 goodthing it is 200 and something , it even includes THE HALO 4 MASTER CHEIF, cortana,and more people. I am so getting It

  5. Milansmyth

    I love mega bloks halo the Spartans and all the other characters all have so much detail to there armour and the face its amazing ………………………………………………………………
    ………can you please make a noble team set with all the nobles in it now that would be impressive

  6. krips

    dude i got the new halo 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. funnygrunt

    Its so hard for the Hunter to be tricked or push. So in mission 6, You started in the UNSC Infinty! so cool! And am in the hanger bay to lock and load, Then I drive the pelican and, Thats its, Theres the spoiler! :D Its true! I played HALO 4!

  8. funnygrunt

    Heres a spoiler, The mantis was so cool when I drive it! In mission 6, You drive the cool pelican! And I follow a achevment about, Push or trick a Hunter to its death. And I followed it!

  9. Waylander

    Wow. I have built this set and am seriously speechless. I am about to take it apart and build it again because I enjoyed it so much. To any who may be considering getting this I will tell you I am very satisfied with the purchase. The attention to detail is clear from the box to the ship. Clearly the designers put a lot of love and time into designing the Forward Unto Dawn. I mean every part of the inside and outside is filled with beautiful parts that just make the ship look amazing and have lots of cool functions. Every piece was considered in the design and this set basically is the definition of beauty. Some of the pieces are very unique and fit together very well. Master Chief looks incredible. His paint job is just insanely cool. Even the box is a work of art that I am keeping lol:) Also the finished product is massive!!

    I collect legos also and enjoy them. However, I have also been very happy with Mega Bloks and their products. This Forward Unto Dawn model went so far above my expectations and I could not be happier or recommend this enough. This is the first set in the Signature Series and I was on the fence, but my wife knows me well and said go for it so I did. She was floored as well now that I finished it. I have had so much fun building it and playing with it. I will absolutely be getting the other sets coming up in the Signature Series. Thank you for the hard work and such a great set.

  10. halosam124

    grunt are nice not including there face but there sneaky because i has bout to hunter bus this little midget came in front of me and killed me and i was like what the hell

  11. funnygrunt

    I will be not commenting any more, Becuse I have HALO 4! So I hav no Xbox live, I play ofline. :D Remember, I wont comment, And check the comments. Am playing HALO 4!

  12. johnny85

    funnygrunt wait so you hate me? I was mearly just saying that I think hunter’s are better (just not in those words). I still love grunts! They’re so funny and cute and they are quite dangerous in vehicles.

  13. zeefrenchmasterchief

    Funniest-unggoy(cuz they’re kinda cute and if you shoot their methane tank/backpack they they go like *gibberish* and they basically fly around)
    Classic-sanghelli(in most halo trailers on utube they show Spartans fighting with elites)

  14. zeefrenchmasterchief

    This is probably a useless list but its the species translate list relating the question that THEHUNTINGHUNTER9001asked
    Kig yar–>jackal
    THEHUNTINGHUNTER9001 you forgot the sentinels but theoretically they’re not a species
    I vote for

  15. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    yes doof i know. i was talking about somthing miss comented about arbiter so being in halo reach. i ment that it wasnt the arbiter in halo 3 because he became arbiter in halo 2. reach was before that.


    ok i thought grunts were just that until i saw you. i mean i think your funny unlike other grunts. if you dont think grunts are ugly than do you think they’re cute,handsome or epic. honestly their little midgits running around failing to aim and somehow got divers license. im not insulting them or anything but im giving real facts. and why did you say “but you THEHUNTINGHUNTER9001″ do you just hate: my name, i comment a lot or i just posted a comment showing how epic you are but you misunderstood it?

  17. zeefrenchmasterchief

    I want it sooooooo badly but my parents would NEVER let me get it.I know cuz they made such a fuss when I got the “rockethog vs aa turret”set,which cost $40.00 and forward unto dawn would cost more than that

  18. funnygrunt

    THEHUNTINGHUNTER9001 you said, I thought grunts were just ugly, sick minded, sucky, stupid, scared aliens. And I was like. What! You think Hunter are the beast! -_-

  19. funnygrunt

    Oh yeah! I dont see Hunter all the time in the other halo games! I only see Elites, Jackels, and Grunts! I like Hunters, But You! THEHUNTINGHUNTER9001! -_-

  20. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    yes i do doof. i have all the halo games except 4. and what i mean is if it is an arbiter, he must of died on the first ring. but i dont think it was the arbiter


    :D im got this mc is SOOOOOOOOOOO cool! and the blue elite is i think jul mdama if you look at halo 4 spartan ops 4 youll see a blue elite and i think hes this one.


    oh and funnygrunt i like beasts ok im not a pony lover i like monsters! have you seen grunts unmasked? “they can be killed by a rocket” seriosly, no DUH! wouldnt it be weird if i randomly got mad at you and say “grunts can be killed by rockets thats how weak they are”! i liked your comments but now i..i…..never mind………. just tell me what i did!

  23. msdingdong2

    Hey guys if you are a guest in halo 4 matchmaking you can customize your guest like your the real player when the real player ranks up and gets new armor you do can change loadouts and armor abilities too.

  24. msdingdong2

    Have any of you seen the HALO 4 FORWARD UNTO DAWN movie on youtube? its AWESOME it show Commander Lasky,Master chief,a elite up close, A HUNTER UP CLOSE and a real life warthog! :) :) :)


    thanks legoboy9! I just got halo 4 and I wondered about the enimes. SPOILERS DUDE! wow…….I’m starting to wonder if I should ever even GO to this site! Go give off spoilers some other place!


    funnygrunt’s funny ( no duh). It’ll be cool if this is like youtube because if so I’ll subscribe to funnygrunt. I thought grunts were just ugly, sick minded, sucky, stupid, scared aliens until this guy comes! WHO HERE LIKES GRUNTS!

  27. icemark21

    you guys rename this the infinity because everyone on the forward unto dawn split with the arbiters part of it and that looks just like the commander form halo 4 still awesome though

  28. Atwo7

    If the Forward Unto Dawn is this big, imagine how HUGE the Infinity must be. I don’t think that Mega Bloks will ever get an Infinity set done to scale with the Forward Unto Dawn.

  29. funnygrunt

    Yeah, I seen the series 6 packs on youtube. :) I live in the Phillipines, I am not Phillipino, I am an american too. miss I seen the Arbiter in halo reach! Hes not HALO 3 Arbiter, Hes HALO WARS Arbiter, I thought he was dead. I seen him died by Sgt.Forge. :) :) :) :D

  30. miss

    & yea do u now when you die in halo reach (lone wolf) do u notice a left handed elite drawing a energy sword like as if he was in charge???? THAT IS ARBITAR!!!!! NOTICE THE SIZE & SHAPE of it

  31. quietgrunt

    Yes Funny grunt!!!! there is halo serises 6 packs!! & they are try to bring them to america & tthen to britan where do u live??? i am american just to tell u

  32. johnny85

    I cannot wait till I get this set!!!!! It is ssooooooooooo awesome! And Halo 4 was ssoooooooo epic! I cannot wait till *Spoiler* The Didact returns in Halo 5!


    THE FORWARD UNTO DAWN IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    u know what snipershotxd i think u are right. well besides the wraith, countdown and rhino but yes i agree. i think the pelican was the best out of 2010, but i never got it :(

  35. Masterchief1228

    Guess what? I have been wanting this since your first post about it,and since then I’ve been waiting for it for A long time,and since it’s so expensive I can’t have it.Thanks for ruining my Dreams!

  36. odstmarine505

    snipershotxd my favorite set would have to be assault on high ground my least favorite figure……………which is extremely hard to decide is……………………………….. the flame marine :{)

  37. odstmarine505

    Snipershotxd what is your favorite halo mega bloks figure? Mine is the blue recon spartan. P.s to everyone this is not the first set to have chief in it the first set to have 117 is the comic con exlusive warthog set with chief and arbiter

  38. donkrod

    hey at least its not $400 like how lego would have priced it and hey does anybody else kind of want all of the other halo wars vehicles and figs not made to be made? like captain cutter,prof anders,sgt forge,profet of regret,brute cheiftan,and the vulture,engineer,sucide grunts,more honorgaurds, the bases, and more forunner/promethan, and flood. and guys thank megablocks for making these great iconic things. thx megablocks:)

  39. spartans-mccool-clan

    This argument has started because of a misunderstanding. Doof you said wow about this set (i can see why) but funnygrunt thought you were a goof. But you called funnygrunt a noob cuz he said yay first comment. So why don’t we just leave this all behind us.

  40. snipershotxd

    funnygrunt and doof just stop ok you guys are just fighting over stupid reason and talking back is not going to stop the fight . doof this may sound mean but i`m not trying to diss you but please just layoff and chill out and funnygrunt i know you weren`t the one who started the fight but don`t make fun of him because all that your`e doing is just make it more harder for you guy`s to stop. so baseicly you guy`s are making fools out of your`e eachother no offense though.

  41. cris7

    This set looks wicked. The video depicts all of the greatness and effort put into this set. I Appreciate it MegaBloks! I also like how they did Cortana, not like in the series 4 of the single figure series(she was to big then :P)

  42. Elitehonor117

    Nice, awesome set guys.I got it and am just waiting for right time to build it. I dont know about anyone else, but I think it’d be awesome if the Mammoth from “Reclaimer” could be turned into a set sometime- but I’m sure you’ve plenty in store. And Funny, just because theyre small doesnt mean its not good. I enjoyed the campain immensely, and it was a challenge for me even on normal.(Curse those Knights) Chances are they were a bit cautious, as they didnt want to do too much and it be rejected, so its kinda there for us to get used to their style, instead of forcing it on us at once.
    And the forge maps are only small by your defination. I can tell you I *really* didnt like the idea of forge world in reach, because it took away from all the others(Halo 3 balanced this well) but Impact is still a good sized map, you could do a lot with it.its not forge world large but its not small.
    Just Sayin, though. Everyone can say what they want/think.

  43. Marine50

    Ok hal0pr0101, I can’t tell you everything. I would be leaking to much insider information. I can tell tell you basics about the precurcers. They could build bridges to planets as fast as the blink of an eye. They could blow up galixies in seconds and also could defet the flood easily as snapping a tooth pick in half. I would tell you more, but halo creators might get mad.

  44. funnygrunt

    Your right AJ-the-covie-slayer, Thanks. All I said is, Yay! first comment. Becuse am new here, All I just wanted a first comment. But, A guy said, Saying first comment is like a noob. And hes right, HALO 4 is cool, But short campaign and small forge maps.

  45. Dacdamac

    Whats the deal Mega Bloks? Why are you guys moving on to series 6? I’ve been searching at my local Toys R Us and Target but still haven’t found series 5 or 5.5. The only method of finding them is online. Whats the hold up?

  46. AJ-the-covie-slayer

    come on doof and funny grunt. lets not make a new argument here. this started over a simple misunderstanding. i would like to try and keep peace here

  47. snipershotxd

    humans have earned the right of a lifetime of serenity but we must be vigulante will the covenant return… my name is snipershotxd and i send this message so that our pasts will not be forgotten .. but rememberd..for in those memory`s we live on.

  48. Marine50

    There was a civilazation before the Forerunners called the Precurcres. They made humans, forerunners, and the flood. The flood was a test to see wether the forerunners or humans were better. 100,000 years ago the humans were as advanced as the forerunners. Sadly, the rings fired and we lost everything.

  49. Marine50

    Too bad this thing gets sliced in half at the end of Halo 3. It also is dumb that Master Chief and the Arbiter were on different ends of the ship. “Wake me when you need me.”
    4 years later, “Chief, Chief! Wake up!” Forerunner shield world!!!

  50. Fireblast7000

    Cool set, but seems a little limited. I mean, the only other vehicles designed for space are the Sabre, Banshee and Seraph. There is no Covenant Starship.

    Oh well, still seems like a pretty cool set.

  51. boblikescerial

    Wow great looking set. Not in any of my local stores though :( I finished halo 40 on heroic in 4hours after the midnight release, didnt sleep for two days cause I didnt stop playin halo 4. Wierd ending I thought O.o Good game all up though :)

  52. Waylander

    What is the release date? I pre-ordered but Toysrus still says it is not out yet. I thought it was supposed to come out yesterday? I am just really excited to get this:)

  53. Waylander

    Amazing set! Thank you so much. I pre-ordered it from Toysrus and thought it was supposed to be released yesterday, but it still says pre-order. Is the release date still yesterday??

  54. spartain18

    best set ever i wish i could bye it i realy think its truley amazing the chief looks realy cool with the rest of the exclusive figures and how it can brake up into pieces is even better. (thanks mega bloks for bringing out this set and i hope you make more halo 4 sets) best set ever

  55. SpartanFTW

    OMG halo 4 is amazing who else has played it?!?!? im more than half way through the campaign and let me tell you ppl who thought it was going to be bad……. your were sooooo WRONG!!!!!! i cannot wait until i finish it…. and then in a few years its time for……………… HALO 5, DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!

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