A closer look into the Cauldron Clash

The Cauldron Clash set is one of the hottest sets from our Spring 2013 collection. It includes six new figures with three new weapons, and a sprawling, buildable battle terrain with moving features like ramps and gates.



The set itself is based on the Cauldron, a multiplayer map from Halo 4. It consists of a Forerunner structure bridging over a deadly flow of magma, created with translucent red and orange blocks.


At the end of the bridge awaits an ominous Forerunner spire. What could its purpose be?


This set is jam-packed with features to make battles more dynamic and treacherous. Moving ramps allow the Prometheans to cut off any potential escape routes.


A switch at one end of the bridge can be flipped, causing the gate to explode and be thrown away. Hopefully you won’t find a colossal Knight on the other side.


The Promethean Knight is the largest Halo micro action figure we’ve ever done, surpassing even the infamous Hunter. Every millimetre of its surface is jam packed with detailed moulding and paint accents.


It comes equipped with a Blade Arm and a Scattershot, which can be taken and equipped by UNSC soldiers.


Its massive back has fully functional wings which, when opened, reveal the Promethean Watcher.



The Watcher’s purpose is to offer support by firing at enemies and healing the Knight when it’s damaged. The Watcher is comparatively tiny but still incredibly detailed, with articulated arms, legs, and wings.


The Promethean threat doesn’t end there – also included are two Crawlers, ferocious animal-like enemies that hunt mercilessly. Their heads and (thin, creepy) legs are all attached to the body with articulated ball joints.

This all seems like a very serious threat to the two UNSC soldiers involved in the Clash.



The UNSC Marine included in this set is done a completely new six-color pattern that we’re really proud of. He’s armed with the all-new Designated Marksman Rifle.



Of course, the powerhouse is Spartan as always, and this Spartan is fully loaded with brand new equipment – Soldier armour and the Railgun.


The set includes two aerial display rods that allow the Spartan and Watcher to engage in fierce mid-air combat!


The odds are certainly stacked against the UNSC, but it’s up to you how this battle plays out. Connect it with other battle terrain to expand the action, and share your photos of it on our Facebook page or in the comments!


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190 thoughts on “A closer look into the Cauldron Clash

  1. spartan007

    Really pleased they have made a set of promethean figures.
    The attention to detail is one again amazing.
    Its good to see some more forerunner sets.
    The only other forerunner figures I can remember are the sentinel and the sentinel major.
    once again mega bloks you have done a great job and put lego to shame.

    1. spartan007

      yes you can buy them separate from a website called toy wiz.
      they are really good prices and sell extras like grenades and weapons.
      just google toy wiz.

  2. baore

    LOVE TRAPS!!!!
    Promethean awsome!!!!!!!
    wish i had this set!! would have awsome video!!!!!!!!!
    have phantom & blue&red battle pack!
    love sparten!!! awsome helmet!!!!!

  3. Daleon

    Very nice! This set looks amazing! If all new set of Fall 2013 would be like this, it would be a dream come true. Anyway, also seem new season would be centered on Prometheans. That’s good but there still Brutes, Jackals and Grunts which could uses some model and some colour more. And Drones still have to comes, just like Enegineers.

  4. johnny12345

    The characters are cool and all, but it’s really not enough. This set of characters are cool, but the place might look weird. I mean the lava made by 1×2 blocks, looks not real, but I like the buildings and traps though. Another opinion is that it should add a mountain terrain with the sand terrain. It looks cool with the characters and stuff, I’ll just say 4 out of 5 stars.

  5. tangurple

    This ought to be the best set ever only because
    1) this involves Halo 4: the most anticipated game of the year
    2) new characters and design
    3) the possible action stories to be told
    4) its EPICNESS!
    That is all!

  6. Brigadeer

    The hole isn’t too big but there is one also unlike the similarly sized hunter it doesn’t have a turning waist witch is still a small price to pay for the weather able to fit I’m it’s back. The crawler’s front legs are a little too long but still amazing none the less

  7. Channy117

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!! awe – some the set is the second best (first is mantis set) one bad thing……… the crawlers….. they are very cool but they are not as detailed as they should be add more detail and the set would be number one…… the knight is the best part of the set by far it holds a watcher is very detailed and is just AWESOME

  8. Brigadeer

    I do I have a phantom,forward unto dawn, old and new raith, the flood set with the rail gun, battlescape 1 and3 multiple wart hogs the old and new banshee, some figure packs the covenant rail gun that broken down wart hog set multiple brute vehicles, a falcon,a elephant and a couple other things

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  10. Tyrannogon

    Its seriously awesome! i love the structure and the detail on the characters. the figures look just like they do in the game. Too bad that i like the world of warcraft sets better. :( but my bro loves halo 4 and keeps talking about it and i think ill buy it for him on his b-day. ;)

  11. mmlance

    cannot wait til this is available, i brought the only cryo bay and mantis my local argos had the day it was released so looking forward to this set arriving. by the way, are you going to release a ‘noble team’ set, as ‘noble 6′ could be a random spartan in the pack or a camo figure. just an idea i’d like to throw out there for fans of reach :D

  12. stealthoppsfive

    it would be cool if the makers of halo mega bloks made some special guys like a recon spartan a normal colored noble 6 spartan actually the whole noble team in reach with some of the types of armor in reach that would be cool i like this set it has a spartan warrior

  13. Firespeed

    My friend got this for me for me birth day its awesome AWESOME I TELL YOU you can take off the promethean arms and use them as weapons for the humans and the crawler goes in the back of the night but the dmr is one of my favorits.

  14. verta80

    I really like the design with thee Prometheans and everything but the building i`d have to say is the best because of the design and the orange patterns of requiem

  15. hybutha

    this is such a cool set. I like how the knights have that rear compatment for the watcher. Is MegaBloks gonna bring out a Promethean Battle pack? I hope so.

  16. Sierra_Actual

    Love what Mega has done here. Glad to finally get some Prometheans and the new DMR mold. Can’t wait for more Halo 4 sets. Truly Brilliant, Mega.

  17. eliteslayer4915

    I’ve used the dmr and railgun in Halo 4. the dmr ‘s pretty good but the railgun’s not really good for taking out heavy vehicles like tanks

  18. corndogs29

    I love the way the figures look but, the battlefield is a little small, not really detailed, and little bit boring. Megablocks could have done alot better with this idea, but its still a maybe if paired with a promethians battle pack which i would love. How much?

  19. TomGrunt

    Awesome characters for the prometheans! The structure could be a bit better though, which doesn’t change the fact that I’m gonna TOTALLY get that set!!!!!!!


    I would pick 4 cuase conected together they would make a great multiplayer map and they would make more maps like a megabloks haven map becuase that would be awsome and i’m curios how they will design the new flood becuase i wanna see the halo 4 style flood and also the original flood from halo 1-3

  21. galacta_knight

    nice it looks cool however i noticed that the watcher looks like a sentinal from the other halos, i think their running out of ideas but its cool anyway, but we need more marines i have like 20 spartins from packs WE NEED MORE MARINES

  22. sabrefox70

    Bought two of them already and absolutely love this set! One of the best-to-date!!!!

    Hope we get the new GEN2 Spartan molds in the next wave(s) of singles packs too!! :D

  23. Avak1827

    The Characters are cool and all, but the structure itself is not one of megablok’s best. Frankly I feel I can make a better one, and the only reason I have to buy this set is for the characters.

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