A force to be reckoned with: The Heavy Armor Outpost

Storming onto the scene this Fall, the Heavy Armor Outpost is exactly what collectors of awesome, modern military-themed construction sets have long been looking for: a detailed, realistically-scaled tank.


The impressive scale of this military behemoth is worth mentioning right up front. When placed into a scene with the figures, it feels perfect. Perfectly massive, that is. It’s pretty rare that I need to totally rearrange my desk just to fit a finished set onto it.


Unlike some Mega Bloks builds, this tank is literally built from the ground up. You’ll spend a lot of time just making the heavy-duty base sturdy and attaching accessories along its sides. After building the main turret separately, you’ll finally get the chance to affix the turret to the base with a satisfying ‘click’. It’s like applying the final brushstroke to a painting. I assume.


But that swiveling main turret comes jammed with its own features worth mentioning. For side cover, there’s a mounted machine gun turret that swivels independently of the main turret and can hold a figure. A couple of jerry cans and a gas canister on the side may as well have sniper targets painted on them. (I play too many video games…)


The body and turret of the tank are in a speckled desert camo which gives the whole vehicle a well-used feel as it trundles along on its working tracks. In my desktop set, Capt. Price is camped out with a pair of binoculars inside a small hatch just to the side of the main turret.


These sets come with authentic named figures from the franchise. Along with the instantly-recognizable Capt. John Price figure, you’ll get two of my favourite micro action figures in this first wave of sets – a gas mask-wearing solider and a goggles-wearing driver for the tank.


Along with the usual massive haul of gear that comes with these sets, this tank comes with some unique accessories that can’t be found in the rest of the first wave of sets. A rifle scope and a riot shield are stand-out pieces, but the coolest accessory in this set, hands down, has to be the dual-colour knife strapped to Capt. Price’s leg up there. Great detail on such a small piece!


My stapler and post-its are currently very well-defended from aerial attacks. They’re camouflaged by this sweet mesh webbing and reinforced by some of those killer sandbag and cement encampments. Safest stapler in the office by far.


Want a set with an intimidating, perfectly-scaled tank in it? Of course you do. I can affirm that it makes a perfect desk accessory for military-toy-loving bloggers. The Heavy Armor Outpost is in-stores now. If it’s not already on your holiday list, do what you can to ensure one is under your tree this year.


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20 thoughts on “A force to be reckoned with: The Heavy Armor Outpost

  1. Cimerian

    Good job answering people’s requests on your blog Tim! Attaboy!!
    I’m gonna have to save a little more doe to buy it, but my wait shall be rewarded!

  2. ripkin6

    Just received Heavy Armour Outpost, lose & unboxed from Ebay (thanks guys for having the PDF instruction sheets!)
    I never was interested in blocks, collected GI Joe 3.75 action figures……until Call of Duty.
    I love their small scale as I don’t have a lot of space at the moment but am going to make room for these!
    The great thing about being a block is that I can buy other army brick sets from China & use them with Mega Bloks.
    I did that with the Drone Attack set – made a high capacity ammo box out of some tan bricks then weathered them to match the COD bricks then I changed the look of it by turning a few parts the other way & adding some Gi Joe stickers
    I also put reflective foil behind the red eye to give it a faint glow.
    Only wish I could have shown you all. Can you post photos on this blog?

  3. ripkin6

    I’ve just finished putting together ‘Drone Attack’ but was a bit worried about the comments I’d read about the tracks falling apart ,well I needn’t have worried there was no problems ,the tracks went on perfectly, I didn’t need to stretch them they just gently slipped on.
    Also I was concerned about online stories about missing parts & quality control, again no problem as in my set I had an extra track & 3 extra bricks!
    I customised the drone with GI Joe custom stickers that I bought online from ‘Cobra Stickers’ based in Canada they do many different sets which are of high quality.
    Am 55 & collect action figures so I was lucky to spot 3 sets going cheap on ebay as they’ve no box or instructions but I’ve downloaded the PDF files for them from ‘Mega Bloks’ the only problem is the PDF for the ‘Dome Battleground’ is incomplete, missing the parts list.
    I really had fun putting the figure together & again it wasn’t a problem I think the scale is just right & I’d also love to see some female figures introduced to the line.
    I really hope we get the ‘Blind Bags’ that the Halo collectors enjoy also I would love to be able to buy spare parts that I can use to customize my sets.
    I’ve also seen a self contained lego light brick that has a replaceable button cell, I’ll be buying some red ones to go inside the ‘Dome Battleground’
    The vehicles I’d like to see would be an APC, & Apache Helicopter.
    Hope the ‘Call of Duty’ Mega Bloks line goes on for years!

  4. Hacker089

    Really enjoying the new Call of Duty sets but a bit sad about the range of aviation may be they could add a jet like a F-18 Superhornet or a F-16, but most of all I would like a cargo plane like a Lockheed Hurcles and I would be quite happy to pay £100-£140 pounds for it. Also as many people have been saying have a build your own character customizer option and more range of guns like RPG’s and more range of handguns. One more thing make the red dot sight come out, its been advertised but not released. All in Call of Duty was the right idea.

  5. Blokinator

    Having just purchased the Light Armor Firebase set, I am super excited to see this new set. The attention to detail is in a word, fantastic! And if you haven’t taken a look at the Figure Customization tool, check it out! Can any admins speak to whether this is going to lead to a custom set sales feature??

    Thanks for all the great work MegaBloks team! Your work is superb!!

      1. swash

        Tim – My son received heavy armor outpost for Christmas and it is missing a piece (# AM73235MM). We entered the missing piece # on the website – but have heard and received nothing. This is very disappointing for a child’s gift to be defunct – understandably mistakes happen. -but this long wait time with no response is not acceptable. Please advise.

      2. Megablocksrules

        oh mega bloks i remember you guys got an email from my dad saying that i had a missing piece rom the mountain recon set thank for sending the piece i have been able to play with it now because you sent the piece

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